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Open Water Swimming Lessons

Is open water swimming calling? Are you up to the call? Are you ready to savor the complete freedom of open water swimming or are you overwhelmed simply at the thought?

With Australia being surrounded by water, open water swimming can be an exhilarating experience, a world full of potential for recreation, adventure and discovery!

It could be that open water swimming resonates with your most adventurous side but you need a little guidance on how to tackle the challenge and ever-changing conditions of open water, or that you need an experienced instructor to help you navigate the incredible world of swimming in the sea. Whichever your needs and requirements, Nereids Aquatic Coaching is at your command!

‘Open water swimming’ describes the act of swimming either for fun or competition in naturally-occurring or man-made bodies of water such as oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, lagoons, coves and so on. Nereids Aquatic Coaching can assist you to become a competent, confident swimmer and help you tackle any apprehension of open water, all through the coaching and support of an experienced instructor who is 100% committed to your safety.

Humans have been in awe of natural bodies of water since the earliest of times, and swimming in open water can be an experience filled with exultation for anyone who has ever plunged into open water and swum. It is also a marvelous way to expand one’s emotional and physical limits and celebrate the glory of the open water world. With as much as 70% of the planet being covered by water, there really is no limit but your own imagination and swimming strength!

If you are keen to have a flavor of open water swimming with the assistance and coaching of an experienced instructor, Nereids Aquatic Coaching is here to help. Nereids instructors are certified Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety and we are dedicated to teaching effective swimming technique to as many swim learners as possible. If we can persuade you to try your hand at open water swimming, so much the better!

Contact Nereids for more details on our Open Water Swimming Program and get set on the track to becoming an open water swimmer today!


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