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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Swimming Lesson Fees

Your first lesson with Nereids Aquatic Coaching is a FREE trial!*

After your trial lesson, your swimming instructor will be able to recommend a program suitable for your skill and learning pace.

3% of the lesson fees is donated to the following charity organizations

Australian Childhood Foundation
Barnados Australia
Smith Family


 After the free trial, you can choose to book in advance either 5 or 10 lessons.


For bookings of 10 lessons you will get 1 more free (10+1)


Number of student per class:

  • We recommend students to have one-to-one lesson, so that will get the most out of their lessons.
  • up to 4 students per class (same level)

One-on-one tuition for a personalized, individualized approach is the most effective swimming lesson, ideally in your own residential pool.


*This a free trial lesson with NO obligations to pay for it.


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Free trial 1-1 swimming lesson!