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Nereids Private Swimming Lessons
Where Passion & Care Blend

Nereids Private Swimming Lessons
Where Passion & Care Blend

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Private Swimming Lessons Sydney
Where Passion & Care Blend

  • We Bring the Lessons to You
  • Passionate & Caring Team
  • High Instructor Retention Rate
  • We Adapt to Your Schedule
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Private Swimming Lessons Sydney
From Leading Mobile Swim School

As a leading mobile swim school with 8+ years in business, we offer some of the best private swimming lessons in Sydney. We hold amongst the highest instructor retention rates in Sydney, averaging 2.5 years. Our caring and passionate swim instructors come to your preferred location, saving you travel time.

Our private swimming lessons in Sydney are conducted mainly in our clients’ home pools, apartment complex pools, ocean rock pools, and netted beach areas. We also have solutions for clients who want to hire our private swimming lessons but don’t have access to any of the above pools. For example, some of our teachers have access to home and apartment pools. You are welcome to book a call and explore the alternative options.

Sami Samour

Two years I have tried to teach my kids to swim from one school to another. I regret the money I have wasted . It took three lessons 90 minutes each for my kids to swim independently . Thank you for the team of Nereids.

Jo Saccasan

I highly recommend Nereids! My daughter who has autism learnt more in her first 45 minute lesson with Conner than 18 months at another swim school that was meant to be for children with additional needs.

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Why Nereids?

Your Trusted Private Swimming Lessons in Sydney

At Nereids, our dedication to providing exceptional private swimming lessons in Sydney shines through every aspect of our service. Our passionate and caring team is not just here to teach; they're here to inspire, motivate, and provide you with an outstanding overall experience and service. At Nereids, we believe in creating a personalised and enriched learning experience that caters to the unique needs and goals of each swimmer.

Passionate & Caring Team

We strive to hire the most caring and patient swimming instructors who are not just qualified but also passionate about your continuous progress.

Committed to Your Progress

We are committed to your ongoing development. The combination of our passionate and dedicated instructors blended with our personalised methods ensures your progress in each lesson.

High Instructor Retention Rate

Our meticulous recruitment process ensures we select the most committed and professional instructors in the industry. This is reflected on having one of the highest instructor retention rates in Australia of an average 2.5 years.

Trusted Service

With 8+ years in business, Nereids has become a leading mobile swim school in Sydney. Our highly experienced team ensures every swim teacher has up to date all the required Australian swimming qualifications as well as Working with Children Check and criminal record clearance. Furthermore, our swim instructors are employed (not contractors), meaning you are 100% protected by our swim school insurance.

Time-Saving Convenience

We bring the swimming lessons directly to your home pool, apartment complex pool, or even your local ocean rock pool eliminating travel time and making it easier for you to fit swimming lessons into your hectic schedule.

Ultimate Flexibility

Schedule your private swimming lessons on your terms, with the convenience of choosing days and times that fit your busy life — including options to schedule just 24 hours in advance.

Our Most Popular Private Swimming Lessons in Sydney

Preschool Private Swimming Lessons

Discover our tailored preschool private swimming lessons in Sydney, designed to introduce young swimmers ages 3 to 5 years old to the water with joy and safety. Our experienced instructors specialise in engaging little ones with personalized 1-1 swimming lessons that build confidence, water safety skills, and a foundational love for swimming. Start your child's aquatic journey with Nereids, where every lesson is an adventure filled with learning and laughter.

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Kids Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons for school-age children is one of our areas of expertise. Nereids' long experience teaching children how to swim, from the first to final steps of their school years, is a big advantage for Nereids’ staff and the child. Watch your child live their life to the fullest as they learn how to swim in your facilities with these kids swimming lessons. Our swim programs and classes are always available, even on a school holiday.

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Adult Private Swimming Lessons

Unlock your potential with our private adult swimming lessons in Sydney, tailored for learners of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner adult aiming to conquer your fear of water or an experienced swimmer refining your technique, our expert instructors provide personalised coaching in a respectful and encouraging way. Embrace the beauty of the water with one-on-one swimming lessons designed to fit your pace, enhance your skills, and boost your confidence. Join Nereids and experience the transformative power of swimming.

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Special Needs Private Swimming Lessons

Empowering children and adults with a disability through our specialised lessons, we offer a compassionate learning environment tailored for swimmers with diverse abilities, including those with autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome. Our experienced instructors adapt their lessons to each student’s unique needs, focusing on water safety and confidence building. Our one-on-one swimming lessons are designed with utmost care, making swimming accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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Stroke Correction Classes

Perfect your technique with our stroke correction lessons in Sydney, designed for both kids and adults. Our expert instructors offer personalised guidance to refine strokes, improve efficiency, and enhance water safety. Whether you are fine-tuning skills for competitive swimming, open water competition or seeking to swim more confidently, our tailored 1-1 swimming lessons provide focused support for all ages and skill levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages do you teach?

Any age from three years and older!

Which suburbs do you service?

We offer private swimming lessons across all suburbs in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Where is your pool located?

We don’t have a pool. Nereids swim school specialises in private at-home swimming lessons. Our swim teachers travel to your location and your lessons are conducted in your backyard or apartment complex pools.

In case you don’t have access to your own pool, then you could ask permission from a friend who might have access to such a pool to teach you there. We also have some teachers who have access to home pools and apartment pools.

Alternatively, we could do your lessons in an ocean rock pool, or netted beach area, or you can hire a pool through Swimply and get a $25 discount with Nereids! Coupon Code: NEREIDS25

What if I don’t have a pool?

Yes! You can hire a home pool via Swimply and get a $25 discount with Nereids! Coupon Code: NEREIDS25 We could also conduct your lessons in an ocean rock pool or netted beach area. Some of our teachers have access to home pools and apartment pools, so that could be another option. Book a call with our team to discuss your options.

What are your fees?

Our fees are not fixed and depend on:

  1. the time length for each lesson (45, 60 min, etc.), and
  2. the number of lessons you would be interested in booking in advance: meaning that the more lessons you will prepay, the cost per lesson will be lower.

For more information, please visit our website here. Furthermore, you can use our calculator which can also be found on our fees page to check the exact breakdown of each package.

How can I get started?

You can either sign up in our booking platform and purchase your preferred package or book a call with our team to discuss your goals and needs.

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