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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults in Sydney

For Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team, offering the most effective private swimming lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced adult swimmers in Sydney, is not just a job. It's a way of life and the basic reason that motivates us! Additionally, our team offers also swimming lessons for competitive swimming, swim fit, long distance and triathlon. 

All of our staff is dedicated to teaching you all the techniques you need to know to become a competent swimmer.  Whatever your level of knowledge may be, we make sure that we help you become better swimmers. We always follow a personalised teaching method, finding out the strengths and weaknesses of our adult students and then reinforcing the first and overcoming the latter.

Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team always adapts its teaching program to the needs of each of our adult swimmer. Our certified swim instructors travel to your home to teach you in the comfort of your own swimming pool, saving you time and energy.
The fun factor is of great importance for Nereids, we always strive to create a fun atmosphere and combine teaching with joy. It could not be otherwise, as we never forget that swimming is joy and fun.

Adult Private Swimming Lessons in Sydney

Offering swimming lessons for adults in Sydney is a challenge with many aspects. The issue of safety is of great importance for all the teaching staff of Nereids, as we strongly wish to play a role in the reduction of the drowning rate in Sydney and Australia.
From beginners to competitive swimmers, the level of our staff's commitment is always high. And don't forget: All competitive swimmers, all champions started from being beginners.

Private Swimming Lessons for Beginner Adults in Sydney

In Nereids, we are well aware that the first steps are always the most difficult when we offer private swimming lessons for beginner adults in Sydney. Whether you have a fear of water, are not fond of putting your head underwater or are more confident, we are there to get the best out of you and enrich your life with the great experience of safe swimming.

Private Swimming Lessons for Intermediate Adults in Sydney

Private swimming lessons for intermediate adults in Sydney cover the ages of 18 years old up to seniors and aim at upgrading your level of swimming and enhancing water safety awareness and confidence.

Private Swimming Lessons for Advanced Adults in Sydney

Private swimming lessons for advanced adults in Sydney focus on the further expansion of our students' swimming knowledge, teaching them different strokes and ensuring that they master their favourite swimming stroke and become confident swimmers.

Private Swimming Lessons for Adult squads in Sydney

Private swimming lessons for adult squads in Sydney appeal to more demanding swimmers, who like to practice in groups with people on the same level of swim competency and ambitions.  After all, when you wish to be the best, it’s better to work with the best.

Private Swimming Lessons for Competitive, Triathletes and Long-distance Adults in Sydney

Private swimming lessons for adults who want to participate in competitive and long-distance ocean swimming, swim fitness and triathlon in Sydney are very different, compared to the previous categories. Here, the levels of exercise are higher and more intense. Australia is a country with a great tradition in swimming and in Nereids we always do our best to feed motivation when we see it.

Private Swimming Lessons for Seniors in Sydney

Private swimming lessons for seniors in Sydney is another category that requires a much personalised approach. The benefits of swimming for seniors are, indeed, great and are not restricted to health improvement. Swimming is also a great socialising factor and Australia is full of great beaches where you can perform your swimming skills.

Private Swimming Lessons for Adults with Disabilities in Sydney

Teaching private swimming lessons for children or adults with disabilities in Sydney is a field that we are really proud of. Whichever is the physical or intellectual disability, the team of our certified swim instructors is next to you, ready to cover all of your needs.

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