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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Adults Swimming Lessons Sydney

Swimming Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Adults in Sydney

Nereids Aquatic Coaching team welcomes adult swim learners of any age, ability and cultural background and offer Beginner and Intermediate Adult Classes in the comfort of own your pool, with a private swimming instructor who will help you learn to swim correctly, build up your swimming confidence and aid you to become an effective swimmer!

Our Adult Swimming Lessons incorporates 2 different levels, depending on your existing swimming skills and experience. Intended to help you maximize the benefits of swimming for both your body and soul, it enhances your swimming confidence and equips you with essential water safety skills. Call us to book your first lesson and discover a wonderful way to stay healthy and cleanse your mind of your worries!

Swimming is widely known to have immense physical benefits, help develop a positive attitude, release tension and renew energy. It is never too late to learn to swim!


Level 1: Nereus 18+s (Beginner Level / Adults with no previous swimming experience)

Nereus was the firstborn of Pontus, the Sea, and Gaea, the Earth, and the father of the Nereids. Depicted as bearded, wielding a staff and swathed in long robes, Nereus is a merman god with the coiling, scaly tail of a fish.

Nereus, like water, is a master shape-swifter who may be called upon to deliver a prophecy and changes his shape to adapt to any environment, ward off a threat, or evade a precarious situation. Nereus may even re-render himself in the shape of a sea creature or monster, but he is patently described as trustworthy, gentle and righteous. These qualities make Nereus a symbol of the benevolent aspects of the sea world, in contrast to the majority of ancient Greek gods, whose temperament fluctuates between good and evil!  

We want you to acclimatize to water as though it were still ruled by Nereus, and come to regard it as an element that holds neither fear nor threat once basic safety rules have been grasped and you are able to comfortably perform movement in water. Everyone should learn to love swimming and reap its many benefits for the body and soul!

To help you on your way to becoming a competent swimmer, Nereus 18+s is a water-acclimation course that teaches you the following:

  • Water safety
  • Water familiarization
  • Floating
  • Torpedoes


Level 2: Poseidon 18+s (Intermediate adult swimmers) 

Poseidon was the second son of the Titans Kronus and Rhea. One of the twelve Olympian gods, Poseidon is the god of the sea but he is additionally mentioned as an earth-shaker because of his role in causing earthquakes. 

Greek art offers many representations of Poseidon riding a chariot that is pulled by a hippocampus or by horses striding the waves. Usually depicted as a bearded mature man bearing a trident, Poseidon is the father of many mythical monsters and heroes, among them the legendary Theseus.

Our Poseidon 18+s is an intermediate level for adults who have prior swimming lesson experience and want to further develop their technique and skills.  Call us to schedule your lesson and enhance your abilities as a swimmer today!

Poseidon 18+s includes:

  • Torpedoes
  • Introduction to freestyle
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke
  • Dolphin kick
  • Water safety

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