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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

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Nikos and Liv are amazing teachers. My daughter has autism spectrum disorder and has certain auditory sensory processing and textural processing challenges. Cheryl Lee
Highly recommended! The boys love having Nikos as their coach! I have previously enrolled the boys with another swim school but I found their techniques too relaxed and thus after 10 lessons my son was still not able to swim. Winnie Fong
I've seen such a significant improvement in my girls swimming in the short time they've been with Nereids and their dedicated instructor Liv. Antonia Kratsas
From the moment that Nikos start teaching my children (2 boys 12 & 7 years old) I observed that my sons’ swimming technique have developed significantly. Mikha
I never thought I would take to water, as I never learnt to swim growing up. After travelling around Asia, I felt I was missing out on the enjoyment of going to the wonderful beaches as I wasn't able to go into the sea. Simon Tse
Excellent coaching! I enjoyed every lesson. Nikos always ensured every lesson was a challenge and constantly pushed me to do better to improve my technique. Highly recommended!!! Andrew Welsh
Nikos is such a wonderful teacher , I am really enjoying my adult swimming classes with him. Mary O'Connell
Nikos is an excellent swim instructor. My son has picked up very good swim technique from Nikos and started to swim in 6 classes. Will definitely recommend him to anyone. Karn Badmash
I would like to recommend Nikos' school to others. He is not only a very good swim teacher but also very friendly and easy to get along with. If your kids can't swim and are afraid of water Nikos will will change it in no time. Bartek Choinski
Its been great learning Experience with friendly Trainer, easy going and very flexible timings Jagjit Singh
I am very pleased to be a part of Niko's class. He's very clear in his explanation on my stroke technique and how i can improve. Wendy Xi
Nikos is a very good swimming instructor. He gives swimming lessons to my son, who enjoys swimming. Pavol Vavrek
I was very fortunate to have found Nikos as my intermediate swimming instructor last year. He is always very patient and encouraging. Pearl Hsu
My first experience being in the pool was made easy by Nikos with his friendly ways. He is a patient and wonderful swimming instructor. Debashini Das Narala
It was my first time learning how to swim. Me and my brother were really happy with Nikos. He has done a great job! Sai Natasha
Caterina from the team came to help my son with his swimming. He has cerebral palsy and we were not sure about how things would turn out. Sindhu Richard
Nikos is an excellent instructor. His intuition and technique is high that he has accommodated my daughters style of swimming to enable her to be interested in learning how to swim. Ronnel Magdaluyo
NIkos is an amazing swim teacher. Both of my boys have had NIkos as a teacher and they both loved him Suzie Wain
Nikos and Caterina are good instructors. They helped us gain water confidence. All the best to Nereids! Amit Saha
Nikos is an excellent swimming instructor and gave me the confidence to get back into swimming after many false starts. David Michael
Excellent in every way!! Keri Megelus
I had swimming classes with Nikos in Sydney. He is a great teacher who always encouraged me and boosted confidence in me to learn swimming very quickly Ashok Kumar
Nikos was a wonderful swim teacher for our 4 year old - patient, kind and took into account the personality of the little person learning. Highly recommended! Harriet Fesq
My 8y old son has improved his skills and style very quickly. Very enjoyable sessions. Laurentiu Adrian Burcã

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