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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Babies Swimming Lessons Sydney

It is likely that you are reading this page because you are aware of the multiple physical and intellectual benefits of swimming but unsure when your child should begin learning to swim, or wondering what kinds of activities your child will be involved in over the course of infant swimming. You have come to the right place!

Infant swimming lessons are a wonderful introduction to the pleasure and health benefits of swimming, and swimming is an activity all babies have indulged in for close to nine months before the moment of birth. Remember that babies are introduced to the element of water while still in the womb so, in effect, placing them in a pool is rather a re-introduction to the sensation of being surrounded by water!

The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association recommends that infants start on a program of swimming lessons as early as 4 months as, over this window period before the start of the program and birth, the infant’s immune system will have strengthened and bonding with the parents occurred.  

Our infant lessons program teaches babies water familiarization and is a gentle, long-term process, allowing you to make an early start and invest in your child’s swimming long-term. We are 100% committed to your child’s safety and all our instructors are AUSTSWIM accredited, hold valid CPR and First Aid Certificates and have undergone Working with Children, Police and Safeguarding Children Checks.

Contact us for more information on baby swimming lessons and amaze at how easily your infant will pick up on water-safety techniques and begin to toddle along the road to becoming a competent swimmer!

Nereids Infant Swimming Program is addressed to both you and your child. Trust, parent-child skin-to-skin contact and mutual fun are integral to the lessons and we are certain the program will offer you a fantastic opportunity to further bond with your baby. We need you there with us! So, put on your swim gear, dress Baby in a swimming diaper, and discover just how pleasurable it can be to play with your child in the water!

Level 1: Nede Babies (6-14 months)

Nede, the Arcadian nymph who also lent her name to the river Neda, was one of the mythological nurses of the infant god Zeus. Born to the Titans Oceanus and Thetis, she is a mythological figure that, to this day, is swathed in an atmosphere of ethereal maternity. With such strong associations to the notions of tenderness, ethereality and nurture, Nede inspired us to lend her name to the first level of our own infant swimming program. After all, who would be better to envisage in relation to infants than baby Zeus’ own nurse?

This early acclimation to water involves the following:

  • Water familiarisation 
  • Assisted climbing in and out of the pool 
  • Blowing bubbles 
  • Paddling
  • Sitting on the edge of the pool


Level 2: Aura Babies (15-24 months)

Aura, the ‘stormfoot girl’ as she is called in ancient Greek literature, was the goddess of breezes and fresh, early-morning air. Linked to notions of purity as well as adventure, Aura was a virgin huntress who was eventually transformed into a stream. Greek mythology has an entire family of Aurai, all goddesses of the breeze whose singing voices gave flight to the winged chariots of the Greek gods and demigods. Aura enthuses us with her adventurous streak and strong associations to the elements of water and air, lending her name to a program for infants about to discover the pleasures of the aquatic world!

Our Aura Babies includes:

  • Water familiarisation 
  • Assisted climbing in and out of the pool 
  • Floating
  • Basic swimming skills
  • Songs and  games


Level 3: Selene Babies (25-36 months)

The Titan goddess of the Moon, Selene is often depicted as a young woman riding in a chariot drawn by winged horses. Famous for her ability to inspire poets and artists, Selene kisses sleeping mortals with her moonbeams and bathes in the sea before Helios, the Sun god, begins his own journey across the sky. Caress your own sleeping tot and Salute Selene as she traverses the starry skies in her chariot.

Selene Babies teaches your baby the following:

  • Wall crawl
  • Jumping into the pool
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Bobs
  • Unaided swimming


Level 4: Iris Babies (30-36 months)

An airborne and underwater traveler, Iris, the rainbow goddess, can be seen hovering in the sky or plunging the depths of the sea in her role as a messenger of the gods. Gold-winged, and as swift-footed as Aura, Iris is said to gather water from the sea in her pitcher and water the clouds. Read below for information on our Iris Babies and pray Iris doesn’t water the clouds on lesson day!

Iris Babies includes:

  • Jumping from side and returning 
  • Supported kicking on back and front
  • Eyes in the water
  • Moving through the water for five feet

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