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6 Benefits of Winter Swimming for Adults

05/31/2022 | Written by in Adults
6 Benefits of Winter Swimming for Adults

Wintertime may be approaching, but still, you can enjoy the benefits of swimming. The advantages as well as the pleasure that swimming provides to all those who practice it, make it the ideal activity for the whole duration of the year. Let's find out why.


Why swimming in winter is beneficial

It's a common preconception that swimming is only good for the summertime. All evidence though suggests that wintertime swimming is great for all adults because:

- It keeps you active and fit

- It is great for your health

-It's a low impact activity

- It boosts mood levels

- It reinforces life-saving skills

- It favours social interaction

Indeed, adults who swim in winter tend to keep their heath levels up throughout the whole year. This is because swimming improves circulation and blood flow, builds the muscle system and enhances stamina. The best part of all is that you don't need to spend tons of energy for achieving such benefits because swimming is a low impact activity. Moving in the water is effortless because of the buoyancy that allows fluidity and prevents joint friction. Furthermore, swimming in winter raises the levels of endorphins even more than in the summertime, resulting in a positive mood and boosting confidence levels. Adults who continue their swimming practice during winter are becoming more competent as they keep “rolling” and acquire strong survival and life-saving skills. It's vital to feel confident at all times when swimming. Last but not least, participating in winter swim classes can grow your social circle and help you meet new people.


Winter swimming is a fast-growing trend

There's another fact that many people are probably not aware of: Winter swimming is not a habit for a small fraction of “swimming freaks”. On the contrary, it's a trend that keeps growing in Australia. According to a detailed report that collected data for a period of three years (2016-2018) the annual population estimate for Australian adults aged 15 and more in swimming was 2.984.880 (14.8 % of the adult 15 + population). Another research found that swimming is the leading Australian sport with more than six million Australians participating either regularly or occasionally in the last three months of 2018. Such figures illustrate that more and more adults in Australia understand and appreciate the importance as well as the pleasure that winter swimming provides. As you can see in the first attached report (page 21) the top three motivations for adults who participate in swimming activities are physical health, fun and social reasons.


The addictive fascination of winter swimming

It is common sense that the vast majority of swimming classes for adults in Australia take place in the comfort of indoor swimming pools. It is an excellent and convenient way to develop the swimming skills of both beginners and competent swimmers. However, there's also another way to do it. The real one: Swimming in the sea. As harsh as it may sound, it is becoming a sweet addiction for a growing number of Australians. Not without a reason as the winter swimmers state that they can't quit it. Getting up early in the morning and getting in the icy Australian sea is making them feel good throughout the whole day. What is astonishing is that there are also elderly people who have become winter swimming lovers. It's well known now that once you make the right routine preparation and keep swimming for most of the year, you can boost your health status. The case you can read in the article of ABC News, of the 82-year man who used winter swimming as his “secret tonic” for recovering from major heart surgery is striking.


Why winter swimming is great for your health

The benefits of winter swimming in the open sea are scientifically proven. This is why top-level athletes like LeBron James in the NBA immerse in a tub full of ice after a match for achieving the optimal recovery. This is why winter swimming is one of the top sports in the Winter Olympics. Detailed studies show that there are biochemical and physiological changes to the body that enhance its potential and boost the immune system. There's a boost of the white blood cells, a higher burning of calories, stress reduction, and increased libido. This explains the aforementioned addictive nature of winter swimming and why most people who begin it find it impossible to stop it. It also explains why adults who are winter swimmers enjoy a healthier lifestyle and live longer. Of course, it would be misleading to argue that all people can begin winter swimming straight away. It would require proper preparation and maybe a start from outdoor pool swimming pools with the assistance of an experienced instructor. In all cases, it is a magnificent world to discover!

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