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How swimming helps children with stress

10/19/2022 | Written by in Kids
How swimming helps children with stress

Anxiety and stress in children are a reality that we can't afford to overlook. The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdowns together with the increasing financial insecurity have left their marks on children's fragile psyches. Swimming though can be a great remedy for them and their families.


The signs of child anxiety

All parents know that the psychological condition of children is ever-changing. One moment they might be joyful and sociable and the other they could feel unhappy and antisocial. This is not strange as the same happens quite often to adults too. What they may don't know is how they could detect child anxiety signs. This is crucial in dealing with the issue in the early stages and not letting it develop further. We all know that preventing is more effective than curing. Here's a list of behaviour traits that could be symptoms of anxiety in children:


  • Insomnia
  • Lack of concentration
  • Negative body language
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Continuous change of emotions


In case of repetitive or constant signs of such behaviour, parents shall take action. Talking with their children is the first step. Healthy communication among family members plays a pivotal role in tackling all kinds of possible issues that may arise. Such behavioural signs could be only temporary and disappear after a while. In case they continue, the best option is to address them to a specialist (child psychologist or mental health expert) to receive a scientific and reliable assessment. After all, this is a broader social issue as scientific evidence suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic caused adverse mental impacts on children as well as college students.


How swimming reduces stress in children

Swimming can have miraculous effects on reducing stress in children. Its positive impact is both physical and mental, leading to a healthy lifestyle. How does swimming relieves stress in children? In numerous ways:


  • It helps release energy
  • It stimulates the release of endorphins
  • It generates the whole body
  • It improves breathing
  • It enhances the sleeping quality


All the above benefits are significant means of helping kids and children tackle stress. The healthy and safe release of energy is indeed very important for reducing stress levels and finding the right balance. The so-called “feel good” endorphins contribute to decreasing cortisol-which is released as a response to stress and is known as the “stress hormone”- and thus improving the mood. The element of water and the buoyancy factor help in moving and practising the whole body effortlessly. Furthermore, swimming is one of the best sports for improving breathing techniques. Right breathing is essential for the good health of children because it decreases their blood pressure and slows their heart rate levels, thus causing a feeling of relaxation. Last but not least, sleeping can drastically improve both the sleeping patterns and the sleeping quality of children. The constant stress relief, because of the release of their extra energy in the swimming pool, is very helpful for sleeping easily when they get to bed.


The mental benefits of swimming for children

Apart from the physical benefits of swimming, there is also an important mental aspect. Children can benefit mentally from swimming in various ways.


  • It improves their cognitive functions
  • It enhances their self-esteem
  • It provides them with a structured program
  • It strengthens their self-discipline
  • It improves their social skills


There are detailed studies showing that there is a positive correlation between sports and cognitive function in children. Essential aspects of children's development factors, like attention, thinking, language, learning, and memory, are reinforced. Swimming can be the ideal sport for children to fully develop all of their personality traits. Continuous training and improvement bring the enhancement of self-esteem as a consequent result. The feeling of becoming better physically and mentally is a prerequisite for positively perceiving ourselves. Improvement of self-esteem reflects on the social circle of children and brings a refinement of their social skills as they feel more confident and approved by the other children. A core skill for getting there is self-discipline for training the right way.

It becomes obvious that there is a strong interconnection among the various factors that affect the address of children's stress. It's like a chain that gradually opens and reveals all of its shining parts. Swimming can be the catalyst not only for helping children overcome their stress but also for developing themselves and becoming better people.

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Sami Samour

Two years I have tried to teach my kids to swim from one school to another. I regret the money I have wasted . It took three lessons 90 minutes each for my kids to swim independently . Thank you for the team of Nereids.

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I highly recommend Nereids! My daughter who has autism learnt more in her first 45 minute lesson with Conner than 18 months at another swim school that was meant to be for children with additional needs.

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