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Private Swimming Lessons vs Group Swimming Lessons

10/12/2019 | Written by in Swimming Lesson Tips
Private swimming lessons VS group swimming lessons

The first step is always the most challenging and the most crucial. Experience shows that this is the case with swimming as well. So, after the decision of starting swimming lessons is made either for adults or children, there is the major dilemma: “What's the best way to go”: To enrol in group swimming lessons in a public pool or to book private swimming lessons at my home pool? Are there any essential differences between the two options?

Below, we will do our best to answer those logical questions as clearly as possible.

Advantages of Private Swimming Lessons at Your Home Pool

First of all, we have to clarify that both common sense and experience have shown that private swimming lessons at your home pool are far better and have a much more positive effect on the learning process than group swimming lessons in a public pool.

Whatever the subject of learning, personal attendance by experienced and qualified teachers or instructors have much better results than the usual impersonal teaching that is associated with group classes.

Higher Level Personal Interaction Between the Swim Teacher and the Student

The first and most obvious advantage has just been mentioned: Personal interaction and caring have, indeed, no parallel. The swim teacher can focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and adjust the training accordingly.

On the other hand, when we speak about group swimming lessons, such personal attention is not very possible to happen. Although the possible obstacles for the further development of the students are quite standard (e.g. possible fear of water, shyness, and hesitation to ask questions and speak about any difficulties etc.) each individual is unique and private swimming lessons are perfectly suitable for matching with their distinct personality traits.

Personalised Goal Setting

Another significant advantage of private swimming lessons is that they allow the setting of personalized goals for the students. Because every student is different, the planning and implementation of a personal growth development rate are essential. This is very difficult to achieve in group swimming lessons, especially when students have different levels of swim knowledge and different learning capacities.

The convenience of Location and Flexibility on Scheduling Your Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons give the students an important advantage of choosing the timetable that suits their needs and lifestyle. Managing your schedule is very important, not only for obvious practical reasons but also because it allows you to enhance your learning efficiency.

Even if you miss a lesson, you can easily reschedule it, while in group swimming lessons, it would be almost impossible to fit your timetable with all the other members of the group.

Faster Improvement of Students Skills

Experience has shown that students who attend private swimming lessons advance their skills at a faster pace comparing to the ones who attend group swimming lessons. Indeed, receiving focused attention from the swim teacher and being able to modify the training according to the special skills and needs of each student are great advantages. Moreover, the absence of any distractions, which are quite usual in group classes, is a special bonus that contributes to faster learning.

Advantages of Group Swimming Lessons in a Public Pool

Having discussed the advantages of private swimming lessons, it would be unfair and one-sided not to mention the positive aspects of group swimming lessons. As in any “debate”, there are pros and cons to consider before concluding. The case of private vs group swimming lessons is no different.

The Pricing Factor: Group Swimming Lessons vs Private Swimming Lessons

The main reason for choosing group swimming lessons in a public pool instead of a private swimming lesson is the pricing factor.

Group swimming lessons seem to be cheaper per student per class than private swimming lessons. Depending on the size of the groups, they could actually be much cheaper and it makes perfect sense for people who can't afford private lessons to choose on a financial basis in the first place.

However, it must be stated that group swimming lessons could end up being far more expensive, in the case of slower learning when attending group lessons, meaning that more classes would be needed.

  • A public pool charges between $20 and $25 per 30-minute lesson per student. Average $22.5 per session.
  • Each group swimming lesson will have between 4 and 7 students. Average 5.5 students per session.
  • This means that in a 30-minute session, each student will get about 5 minutes of true lesson time.
  • Therefore, the student will be charged $22.5 for a 5-minute lesson.
  • This means, if the student would actually get 30 minutes of true lesson time, then the cost would be 6 x $22.5 = $135!

What about private swimming lessons with a mobile swim school? The fees could start from $120 per 45-minute lesson per student. 

To summarise: 

  • 30 minutes actual lesson time group lessons in public pool cost $135 per student
  • 45 minutes private swimming lessons with Nereids swim school costs $120 per student

Which option would you choose?

For more information, we welcome you to read our article "Why to Choose a Mobile Swim School Instead of a Public Pool".

Social Interaction

One major advantage of group swimming lessons is that they favour a broader social interaction comparing with private swimming lessons. Students have the opportunity to come in contact with other like-minded people, improve their social skills and overcome any anxiety they could probably feel. The feelings of joy and expectation for the next training could intensify in the case of the formation of strong bonds among the trainees.

Learning Through Competition 

Another advantage of group swimming lessons is the possible learning from observing other swim peers. This could be the case for students who are not confident to ask all the questions they have to their swim instructors.

Additionally, any probable encouragement by other students could be important for the improvement of their swimming skills. Another factor that could be added to this chapter, is the competition that is naturally fostered in cases of practising in groups, especially when talking about kids.


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