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Snorkelling in Australia – Live an Exciting Experience

05/30/2018 | Written by in Travel
Snorkelling in Australia - Live an Exciting Experience

Snorkelling in Australia is an exciting experience. The beauty of the sea has no parallel in our world.  The same applies to the experience of swimming in seawater in Australia. When it comes to snorkelling, the words are poor to describe the magnitude of the experience. Anyone who has a snorkel, even for one time in his life, can confirm the difference between the experience and the high emotions it offers. It is a different thing watching documentaries about underwater life and a totally different experience, seeing it yourself. It is like entering a new world, one that, once you have discovered, is difficult to leave behind.

Snorkelling sensation across Sydney’s beaches

Sydney has much to offer to the people who want to discover its underwater beauty. There are more than 500 species there, a different world beneath the world we live in.

There is, indeed, a great variety of beaches for a great snorkelling experience in Australia: Bare island, Kurnell, Little Bay,  Long Bay, Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, Gordon's Bay, Clovelly, Little Manly Cove, Busselton Jetty, Cabbage Tree Bay, Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, the Islands of Low Isles, Ningaloo Reef, the Basin, Fisherman's Beach, Green Island, Lord Howe Island, Tangalooma Wrecks in Moreton Island, Julian Rocks Marine Reserve, the Abrolhos Islands, Ninepin Point Marine Reserve are only some wonderful places to enjoy snorkelling in Sydney.

Of course, we cannot leave out of this discussion the Great Barrier Reef, one of the best places to snorkel in Australia. Not only is it one of the country's most accessible reefs, but it is also an ideal place for snorkelling, with its unique underwater variety.

Health benefits of snorkelling

Not only is it a factor that can greatly improve your mood, but it is also great for your health.  Indeed, the mineral-rich water of the sea is very beneficial for your health as it contains salt, magnesium, calcium and sulfate. Seawater strengthens your immune system, has antiseptic qualities, detoxifies your body, helps to eliminate elements that influence the lungs, thus improving the breath. It is also a preventing factor for kidney and liver problems, relieves the pain that comes from arthritis and bone and muscle problems, slows down the development of rheumatism, regenerates your skin, and is highly antidepressant, reducing depressive symptoms and stabilising blood pressure and preventing insomnia.  

Snorkelling is a great activity for your overall fitness, improving your endurance and overall strength, as well as your mental health, relieving all anxiety and stress.

Snorkelling as an all-year activity

Snorkelling is a sports activity that can be practised throughout the whole year for all family members. Especially for children, swimming in seawater renews the energy of their bodies. June and July are considered a very good period of the year for snorkelling, as the beaches are less crowded and the water is not too cold to swim in.

For those who are more sensitive to cold, a wetsuit is just perfect. Another advantage is that no expensive equipment is required to live the snorkelling experience. A diving mask, a snorkel and a pair of swim fins are all you need to live this unique experience.  Furthermore, you don’t have to swim perfectly to snorkel.

Swim together with the fishes, feel the joy of becoming one with the underwater life, boost your health and get connected with nature.

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