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The Joy of Open Swims in Australia

02/15/2024 | Written by in Fun & Games
The Joy of Open Swims in Australia

What makes swimming such a special activity is the variety it offers. It's not just the wide range of swimming strokes that have created such a hype around it. It's also the variety of places you can enjoy it. In particular, Australia's huge open water swims are a majestic experience!


Why Choose Open Water Swimming

The question automatically comes to mind: Why should I choose to swim in open water and not in a pool? Well, you can check our point of view on the subject. Combining the two activities is definitely the best choice. However, open water swimming is not for amateurs and precautions should always be taken, even by experienced swimmers. What makes open water swimming so unique is the wealth of sensations it evokes: From the shivering sensation of cold water to the vast expanse of water to enjoy, it is certainly different.
It is also not an activity that can only be done in one place. There are suggestions to suit all tastes:

  • Sea
  • Ocean
  • Lake

Each of the above has different qualities and offers different aspects of satisfaction. Lakes are more 'sheltered' and confined, seas offer more expansive options and oceans are literally limitless. Trying all of the above is highly recommended. At least once in your life, you should experience what makes them so special. Although, chances are that once you do, you will want to do it again and again!


Swimming Tips for Open Sea

First things first, before you "dive" further: Swimming in the open sea requires preparation and the observance of certain rules. Safety is paramount, so all swimmers who take this step must take good care of themselves. Let's start with the essential tips for all lovers or would-be lovers (sic) of swimming in the open sea:

  • Master basic swimming skills
  • Don't swim after eating or drinking
  • Check the weather before you go swimming
  • Always swim with company

The above precautions are the first things to consider. Remember: They are all equally important. Open water swimming is not the same as swimming in a pool.

Weather conditions
Conditions are not controlled and the weather plays a major role. Sea currents also play a role. How much of a role they play depends on how strong they are and how much they interfere with the smooth movement of your body in the water. The bottom line is that you need to be a confident and fairly competent swimmer before attempting to swim in the open sea.

No eating and drinking
The issues of eating, drinking and companionship are extremely important for everyone, regardless of their swimming ability. To swim safely you must not have a full stomach and must be sober.

Swimming buddies
Last but not least: Don't do open water swims alone. This is a mistake usually made by more competent swimmers. It is overconfidence that can so often lead you astray. Even if you enjoy swimming alone, you can ensure safe conditions by staying close to other swimmers or choosing a beach with a lifeguard.


Open Swim Pools in Sydney

It would be an omission not to mention another open swimming option that combines excitement and safety: Open Swimming Pools. Our proposals would include Sydney's open pools to be more specific. In any case, wherever you choose to swim, the benefits of open pools are great:

  • They are excellent exercise
  • They are convenient
  • They are family friendly
  • They are cost-effective
  • They encourage social activity and involvement

The combination of physical activity, fun and social enjoyment are three factors that make swimming in an open pool such a memorable and fulfilling experience. Fortunately, there are many open pools to choose from. Sydney residents can choose from the following options, among others:

  • Prince Alfred Park Pool
  • Andrew Boy Charlton Pool
  • Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre
  • Parramatta Aquatic Centre
  • Botany Aquatic Centre
  • Victoria Park Pool

Whichever you choose, remember one thing: be prepared to have a great time and take lots of pictures to keep the memories alive!


NSW Open Water Swimming

One of the most exciting aspects of living in Sydney is the diversity it offers in all aspects of life. It's no different when it comes to swimming. While open pools provide a safe environment for all residents, open water swimming is an activity for the more competent and advanced swimmers. Similarly, there are plenty of opportunities for our more adventurous friends. Firstly, there are regular organised events taking place in various areas of NSW. You can check out the latest planned open water swims at this link. Distance ranges from 2km to 10km depending on the endurance and skill level of the open water swimmer.
But this is certainly not the only choice, as there are so many wonderful places to choose from, even if you want to organise an "autonomus" event with your swim buddies. Talk to any open water swimmer and you will understand the joy and excitement they feel when swimming in open water. A good example of this recently gained national coverage with Nicole Chester. Nicole is based in Melbourne and has been swimming in open water every morning for 1000 consecutive days!
Her story is the best example of the great contribution open water swimming makes to physical and mental revitalisation.





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