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Top 5 Games to Play in the Pool with Your Children

11/03/2019 | Written by in Fun & Games
Top 5 Games to Play in the Swimming Pool with Your Children

There is an instinctive need in people to play games. Discoveries of wall paintings have shown that games were played from ancient years, even in times when mankind was fighting for its survival.

There is an argument that one of the primary reasons why people love playing games so much, is their need to feel like kids again. Indeed, a healthy childhood period is strongly linked to playing games with other children. In modern times, game playing has reached a new unprecedented level. Technology has played a crucial role and the advance of electronic games has created a new profitable industry. However, playing games in the swimming pool with our children has no match. 

Why? For three main reasons: Firstly, because, there's a totally different feeling when there's real human contact. Secondly, because playing in an aquatic environment creates an ideal setting for relaxing and having a great time. And, of course, the most important element is that you play with the people you love most: Your kids! So, let us present five top games to play in the pool with your children.

Swimming Pool Volleyball

This is a very easy and very funny game to play. All you need to have is a pool volleyball net and a ball. You just install the net in the middle of the swimming pool and you are ready to go! You split into two “teams”, with each one taking sides at both sides of the pool, you throw the ball over the net and the action begins. The goal, of course, is not to let the ball touch the water.   You can set a predetermined number of points, and the team that reaches it first wins the game.

Pool volleyball is not only fun but also great body practice because there's a constant movement in the water for reaching the ball. It enhances the motor skills of your kids and can function as the perfect introduction to more advanced swimming lessons.

Beach Ball Race 

The Beach ball race is a very popular and funny game. There are different versions of this game, but in all cases, the bottom line is that it is great fun! You need either one or two beach balls, depending on what type of game you choose. If you play the game with two balls, you just give one ball to each kid and you let them push the ball with their noses or their hands while swimming. Whoever reaches first the “finish line” wins.

Another variation of beach ball race is the one where you use one ball, you throw it as far as you can in the swimming pool and the kids that reaches the ball first, after swimming, wins. It can be highly advantageous for the future swim skills of your kids because it involves swimming all over the pool. Of course, parents can be next to their kids at all times and help them while they compete.

Treasure Hunt in the Swimming Pool

This is another pool game that kids love. You just need one or more coins which you throw at the bottom of the swimming pool. Then, your kids will have to find these coins, which are referred to as the “treasure”. Treasure hunt is significant for developing the underwater skills of kids. Again, there are different levels and parents shall be with their kids all the time during the hunt, but this game can have tremendous effects on the kids' familiarisation with the water.

Commonly, many kids feel a bit afraid of putting their heads underwater. By adding the element of the treasure hunt game, kids can be less reluctant. And when they finally feel confident about diving underwater, they usually love it.

Again, safety comes first, so the treasure hunt game shall not be played without parental guidance. At the same time, it is highly recommended that kids have attended several swimming lessons with their instructors, so they will gain the basic skills required for taking part in the game. After all, this is one of the most popular pool games!

Watermelon Ball 

Watermelon ball is usually played by kids who are more familiar with water and have acquired some basic swimming skills. You just need a neutrally buoyant ball (the so-called watermelon ball) and two equal groups of kids and you are ready to go! The goal of this game is to get the ball to the opposite edge of the pool, after surpassing the opponents. To do that, you can pass the ball to your teammates, hide it underwater, and try to overpass your opponents.

It is a quite multidimensional game because it combines elements of rugby, basketball and football and is heavily relied on cooperation among the team members. The ball is called a watermelon ball, because, in older times, they used a real watermelon for the game, being neutrally buoyant and quite flexible to use.

Dolphins and Sharks

This pool game needs two teams that are evenly numbered. There's also another person, either a kid or an older one, who plays the role of the leader. The first team is dolphins and the other is sharks. Each team has a safe area on opposite ends of the pool.

The game begins, when the leader calls out a team (either dolphins or sharks), meaning that the team called must swim at their safe area as quick as possible. At the same time, the opposing team tries to catch as many members of the other team as possible. The “caught” players join their opponents and the game ends when all players are becoming part of one team. This team, of course, is the winning team.

Fun and Practice

All the pool games are special. Not just because there's great fun and everybody has a very good time. But also, because all of them have an educational element and reinforce the bond among parents and their children. Playing and learning at the same time is the best means for familiarising with water and expanding knowledge. You just need to try it out for yourselves to find out why pool games are so popular and why kids really love them!

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