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Why to Choose a Mobile Swim School Instead of a Public Pool

Why to Choose a Mobile Swim School Instead of a Public Pool
Why to Choose a Mobile Swim School Instead of a Public Pool in Sydney
A very important decision, when it comes to swimming lessons, is the choice of the place and the pattern of the swim classes:  
  • Should you choose a public pool or a mobile swim school?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each case?
  • Is it so important, after all, or is it just a hype with no significant effects?
  • Are there any real advantages choosing public pools for your swim lessons?
Quite frankly, there are two obvious advantages of choosing public pools for taking swim lessons: Cheaper prices and socialising with other people. But are these advantages real?  Let’s have a look below.

The True Costs of Group Swimming Lessons in the Public Pools 

  • The public pools charge between $20 and $25 per 30-minute lesson per student. Average $22.5 per session.
  • Each group swimming lesson will have between 4 and 7 students. Average 5.5 students per session.
  • This means that in a 30-minute session, each student will get about 5 minutes of true lesson time.
  • Therefore, the student will be charged $22.5 for a 5-minute lesson.
  • This means, if the student would actually get 30 minutes of true lesson time, then the cost would be 6 x $22.5 = $135! 
What about mobile swim school? The fees could start from $70 per 30 minutes lesson per student! 
To summarise:
  • 30 minutes actual lesson time group lessons in public pool costs $135 per student
  • 30 minutes private swimming lessons with Nereids swim school costs $70 per student
Which option would you choose?

Advantages of Having Private One-on-one Swimming Lessons with a Mobile Swim School

Mobile swim schools offer a wide range of advantages. First of all, they save you a lot of time that you would spend going to the swimming pool and then coming back home. Thus, you save the energy you would spend travelling for your practice. Saving your energy also means that you keep your peace of mind, which is quite easy to be disturbed if you need to drive for a long time. And of course, you save the money for the gas.

You should also consider that when scheduling swimming classes in public pools, your whole daily routine could be disrupted. An unexpected appointment or an extra assignment could be enough for altering your timetable. On occasions like that, the last thing you need, would be to feel stressed because of your uncertainty if you could make it to your swim class.

Another negative aspect of the swimming classes in public pools is their over crowdedness. Having to wait for a long time could be exhausting, especially after a hard day in work.  All the above factors could not just drain your energy. They could seriously affect the quality of the training and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Whatever your swim level is, results are faster when taking swim lessons in your swimming pool. Saving your energy and keeping your mind free of external obstacles are important for obtaining the level of commitment required for improving your swimming skills.

Additionally, altering the schedule of your swim classes is much easier when choosing mobile swim school instructors who come to your home. Convenience of time and location is a valuable asset, allowing a personalised approach.

Every individual is different and has unique personality traits which are essential in the learning process. Enjoying schedule consistency and being able to build a relation of trust with the certified swim instructor of a mobile swim school are great advantages.

Moreover, if you are a more social person who enjoys practicing with other people or even members of your own family, you can arrange it and even save money. In all cases, mobile swim schools are greatly advantageous for your swim development. People who have experience on that, can confirm this.
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