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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

Liverpool Mobile Swim School, NSW 2170

Choosing Between a Swim School in Public Pool and a Mobile Swim School in Liverpool: Does Any of the Following Questions Seem Familiar to You? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed from the long distances you have to travel, in order to attend group swimming lessons in the public pools of Liverpool?
  • Do you feel that, although you have spent much time and energy attending group swimming lessons in Liverpool, you still have not progressed properly?
  • Do you feel that your whole daily schedule is affected because you cannot properly match your timetable with the schedule of your swimming classes? 
  • Have the overcrowded public swimming pools of Liverpool got you tired and fed up?

Well, perhaps it is time to avoid all these and begin attending private swimming lessons in Liverpool, with the assistance of our mobile swim school. 

The Nereids mobile swim school is consisted of passionate swimming instructors and coaches who will be next to you, teaching you private swimming lessons in your own backyard or apartment complex home pool in Liverpool.

In addition, all Nereids swim teachers hold Australian swimming qualifications from either AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia, have valid CPR and have passed rigorous screening process by providing National Police Check and Working with Children Check.

Why Having a Mobile Swim School in Liverpool is Beneficial to You?

A mobile swim school in Liverpool can be highly beneficial to you and/or your child/ren. Not only because you will avoid all the above-mentioned problems, but also because you will have the opportunity to enjoy quality private swimming lessons in Liverpool, without having to leave your house. It is generally acceptable that individual lessons are always more effective because they are:

  • raising water safety awareness for both children and adults
  • bringing faster results than group lessons
  • offering convenience of time and location
  • providing personalised lessons plans to suit the individual strengths of each student
  • having high rate of schedule consistency between the teacher and student 

Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool has the expertise and knowledge to assist you with private swimming lessons which will be personalized just for you.  

How Does Nereids Mobile Swim School in Liverpool Work?

The whole process of attending distinctive private swimming lessons in Liverpool has been carefully planned. Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool can be at your service, just by following this simple procedure:

  • Enrol: Just by filling the online enrolment form, you give us all the information we need. What’s best, it is very convenient, and it will take less than five minutes to complete it.
  • Get Matched: Be prepared to start your private swimming lessons by being matched with one of the carefully selected swim teachers of Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool.
  • Action Begins: Stop procrastinating and get to action! Let the private swim lessons in Liverpool become a very pleasant experience for you, without disrupting your daily schedule.
  • Become a Mythical Swimmer: Get ready to achieve your goals, with the assistance of the Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool. The private swimming lessons in Liverpool, that Nereids offers, will be a key to your success. 

So, Are You Ready to Become a Mythical Swimmer?!

What Can Nereids Mobile Swim School in Liverpool Offer You?

Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool can offer you a variety of services. All ages and levels are covered. You can get an idea of the range of private swimming lessons our mobile swim school in Liverpool offers by checking the following:

Private Swim School for Babies (Infants and Toddlers) in Liverpool

Learning to swim from a very young age can be greatly helpful for the future. The Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is consisted of professional individuals who can help greatly your babies (infants and toddlers) to develop a healthy “relation” with the water and the ocean while putting water safety always as the top priority.

Private Swim School for Preschool Children in Liverpool

Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is well aware that young children between ages three and five years old have great cognitive abilities therefore, our swim teachers will teach them all they need to know about the aquatic environment. Our goal is clear: Making sure that pre-school children in Liverpool will acquire the swimming skills they need to swim safely.

Private Swim School for School Age Children in Liverpool 

School age children develop even further their general as well as specialised swimming knowledge. Nereids private swim school in Liverpool makes sure that the school age children will have learned all they need to know about water safety and swimming strokes.

Furthermore, if your child is between 4.5 and 18 years old he or she might be eligible for a $100 Active Kids Voucher. You can use your voucher for the private swimming lessons with Nereids as we are an approved Active Kids Provider!

Private Swim School for Junior Squads in Liverpool

Junior squad classes are a great way for both practicing swimming lessons of the highest intensity and having fun! Nereids private swim school in Liverpool provides such private junior squad swimming lessons, after arranging the proper timetable with the parents. Swimming lessons for junior squads indeed one of the advantages that you can enjoy from Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool. 

Private Swim School for Beginner Adults in Liverpool

The first stage of adult swimming for the Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is the adult beginners private swimming classes. Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool helps the beginner adult swimmers to enhance to gain confidence and overcome their fear of water.

Private Swim School for Intermediate Adults in Liverpool

Intermediate adult swimmers in Liverpool have the potential for further improvement of their strokes and stamina. Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is well aware of that and assists the intermediate adult swimmers to learn to swim by keeping themselves always safe, learn new swimming strokes while enjoy and have fun in each lesson.

Private Swim School for Advanced Adults in Liverpool

Nereids private swim school in Liverpool can provide further boost of the swimming strokes and stamina to the advanced swimmers in Liverpool. We understand your expectations and we give always our best to further advance your swimming skills.

Private Swim School for Competitions, Triathlons, Local Distance and Fitness for Adult Swimmers in Liverpool

As in every human activity, there are individuals who want to perform in a more professional manner. The Nereids private swim school for competitions, triathlons, long distance and fitness for adult swimmers in Liverpool covers the needs of all the above categories.  Nereids’ Australian certified and experienced swim coaches, who are part of our mobile swim school in Liverpool, have both the expertise and passion required to provide you with the best private swimming lessons for the competitive swimmers. 

Private Swim School for Adult Squads in Liverpool

Private swimming lessons for adult squads in Liverpool are both demanding and have a great element of fun. Nereids private swim school for adult squads in Liverpool is very effective and combine various swimming challenges with socialising. Don’t miss the great chance to enhance your swimming skills with the assistance of Nereids mobile swim school in Liverpool. 

Private Swim School for Children and Adults with Disabilities in Liverpool

Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is extremely proud for the private swimming lessons we offer for children and adults with disabilities in Liverpool. Our caring swim teachers give always their best to teach our students how to swim safely and in the same time boost their psychology and confidence.

Private Swim School for Seniors in Liverpool 

Senior swimmers in Liverpool have many benefits to gain by attending our private swimming lessons. Nereids private swim school in Liverpool is always next to them and responds with sensitivity to any type of senior swimmers by adapting our swimming lessons based on each senior’s student needs. Our private swim instructors make sure that swimming lessons for seniors in Liverpool is a delightful experience. 

In addition, we offer special discounts for seniors who are members of NSW Seniors Card.

Private Swim School for Recreational Swimmers in Liverpool

Recreational swimming in Liverpool can be a great way of fitness, improving your physical condition, enjoying being in the water and boosting your confidence. Nereids private swim school for recreational swimmers in Liverpool ensures that our students get all the attention required and have a fulfilling and enjoyable time. There are many variations of recreational swimming in Liverpool and the swim instructors of Nereids mobile swim school make sure that you will enjoy every minute of it!  

A Mobile Swim School Near Me in Liverpool

Additionally, to the Liverpool suburb, Nereids mobile swim school provides private swimming lessons at the following nearby suburbs:

  • Mobile Swim School in Ashcroft
  • Mobile Swim School in Cartwright
  • Mobile Swim School in Lurnea
  • Mobile Swim School in Moorebank
  • Mobile Swim School in Casula

*Any links to other third-party websites are provided for your convenience only and are not governed by Nereids Aquatic Coaching Pty Ltd Terms of Use. Any use of these third-party websites and services is at your own risk and Nereids Aquatic Coaching Pty Ltd will not be held liable for you using their websites and/or hiring their services.

I am a 70-year old woman who just wanted to learn how to swim. I contacted NAC to enquire about lessons, and they assigned a private swimming instructor, Diego, to come to the Retirement Village where I live, to coach me in our Village pool. From our first lesson, I was very impressed with Diego. He is professional, punctual, patient, and he explains and demonstrates techniques well. He challenges me to do better, which I like, but is never pushy. I had no idea just how much there is to learn about swimming, but with only 6 x half-hour lessons, I have already learned so much from Diego. With each technique learned, I have grown more and more confident in the water, and as my confidence grows, so does my belief in myself. I am also a very tense person, but swimming is teaching me to relax more. Apart from the convenience of being able to learn to swim in my own surroundings, I was impressed with the ease with which all arrangements were made online. The founder, Nikos, with whom I have also had contact, is very helpful and accommodating. All in all, my experience with NAC has been excellent and I am so happy to have found them! I would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who seriously wants to learn how to swim. Margarita Bobadila
Nikos and Diego from Nereids taught my 7 year old daughter for about 6 months and we were very pleased with the results. It is convenient to have private swimming lessons in your own home and both are extremely professional as well as being passionate about swim teaching and able to build an excellent rapport with kids. Melanie Cairns
My daughters had some private lessons with Nereids swim school and they have loved besides having learned a lot! Communication with school has been very clear, kind and easy! Francesca D.G.
I had the best experience. Diego, my swim coach was fabulous. He was good at challenging me physically as well as good at helping me overcome my psychological barriers. He was always punctual, polite, friendly, and gave good life advice too 😄 I totally enjoyed my experience and would recommend this swim school. Tevi Sivagnanam
We had private swimming lessons for my 9 year old son who needed to catch up his swimming skills. Margie was able to help motivate and bring him up to a much better level. She was always on time, polite and fun to be with and also able to help motivate when the pool was a bit nippy. Thank you Margie for your help . All communication was punctual and clear I recommend the teaching at this company Susan Ward
Nikos and his swim team are not only a pleasure to deal with but also very experienced and professional. Nikos's team helped my son and daughter greatly improve their confidence in the pool over the summer. I'm looking forward to booking more lessons with Nikos next summer! thank you :) Saru Sood
My grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed their private swimming lesson, organised through the most helpful Nikos. Coach Diego was great, he was very patient with the boys. I strongly recommend their services. Donna Seah
Highly recommend Nereids swim school! Diego has given private swimming lessons to my son who is now confident and thriving in the water. Our son cannot wait to start his lessons again after winter. Courtney Salouris
I highly recommend Nereids Aquatic Coaching. Nikos was fantastic, recently coaching my 8 year old son, even only for the few lessons we could fit in before his first swimming carnival. He listened to our concerns as a parent and goals to have a fun experience and be confident to participate in his carnival. He also listened to my sons personal goals and assessed his swimming skills. The private swimming lessons were planned accordingly. He was professional and communicated well with both parent and child. He knew what method would suit my sons needs to get to the end goal. He then had a fun, firm and VERY encouraging approach. My son thought he was great and now my daughter wants him to coach her too. Having private one-on-one coaching, In only 3 lessons My son learnt more skills he needed than he had in whole year of group lessons at a different swim school. And in the end every concern and goal was met for both parent and child. Come carnival day he had a great experience, fun participating and confidence and the skills only Nikos could have coached and built in him ... oh and as a bonus even got a place in his races! Thank you Jo Jenkins
I finally got over my water phobia and learnt to swim!!! This is the third place I’ve tried as an adult beginner swimmer and immediately I could feel that it would be different. I put it all down to my amazing teacher Sammy - super friendly, supportive and easygoing. I felt at ease with her and I really think it made me learn much faster than I anticipated. Thank you team! Kulathevy Mageswaramoorthy
Nikos and Nereids are a real leader in swim coaching; excellent and consistent service. Margie our private swim instructor was always punctual, motivated and upbeat. She was a great match for my son and really helped him take his strong and technique forward. Highly recommended. Matty Rambo
Nikos and Liv are amazing teachers. My daughter has autism spectrum disorder and has certain auditory sensory processing and textural processing challenges. They have given her confidence in the water and she looks forward to her lessons. The private swimming lessons are tailored for her and are at a pace that she can achieve whilst pushing her to do more each time. Cheryl Lee
When I first joint taking the private swimming lessons with Nereids Aquatic Coaching I never could have imagined it's possible I would one day be able to swim,i thought I'd be thrown because of my fear phobia putting my face in the water could annoy the instructors, however met with the most competent, patient & friendly staff. Thank you Nikos and the team your an amazing team I could never thank you enough. I would highly recommend your service to anyone At Tee
I've seen such a significant improvement in my girls swimming in the short time they've been with Nereids swim school and their dedicated private swimming instructor Liv. She is patient but persistent with them and offers a lot of encouragement. Swimming is one of those life skills you want your children to have and any means of making that happen is money well spent. Antonia Kratsas
Thank you Diego and Nikos for your help with my daughter Nicole. she made great improvements in her swimming techniques . I highly recommend your Nereids swim school Dalida Hanna-Gregory
It was a wonderful experience! Niko is really knowledgeable and incredibly motivating. Diego, my private swim coach, was just absolutely amazing; really skilful, optimistic and knows-his-stuff! Rituraj Sharma
Caterina from the team came to help my son with his swimming. He has cerebral palsy and we were not sure about how things would turn out. Sindhu Richard
Excellent private swim teachers and such a great way to teach kids in a focused, one on one environment. Highly recommend this school. the progress that my son made after only a handful of private swimming lessons is amazing Jelena Simotas
My 6 year-old daughter was fearful of water but right from the first lesson, I was amazed at how quickly she overcame this. Diego her private swimming instructor was fantastic with her, providing plenty of encouragement along the way. His positive attitude and patience with children was evident by the professional manner in which he conducted his private swimming lessons. We are now back in the UK and I am so pleased that my daughter has made such great strides in her swimming. She is so much more confident without her floaties and can't wait to go swimming again. Thanks so much! Sonal Kantaria
Amazing! Nikos and Diego are amazing... easy to deal with... they work well with the kids and make the lessons fun! Dominique Eid
Both Nikos and Diego are amazing teachers. They both understand and work with great enthusiasm to suit each child’s individual needs and strengths. Melissa Al-Aaraj
Nereids Aquatic Coaching has a passionate team and a program that tailors to individual needs. My learning experience was fun and memorable. I achieved my goals and will continue to practise my techniques in the future. Reynold Xie
Great experience with Diego who helped my 8 year old son considerably with his skills and confidence. Diego was very caring, however, also challenged my son to work to the best of his ability. Very worthwhile and highly recommended. Karen Stewart
High recommend their service. Great training to my 6 years old daughter at the convenient at our place. Diego is fantastic in communicate with children. My daughter is now able to swim and go under water. Fiona Lau

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