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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Preschool Age Kids Swimming Lessons Sydney

Swimming Lessons for Preschool Kids in Sydney

Nereids Aquatic Coaching team believes that every kid should be endowed with the ability to enjoy swimming and do so safely. With drowning being the main cause of accidental death in Australia for children under 5 years, it is vital that your pre-schooler acquires water survival skills and learns to swim in the comfort of your own swimming pool environment.

Nereids swimming program has been developed for children who are new to swimming. At this level, children are ready to develop safe pool behavior and adjust to being in water and performing independent movement while in the pool. We teach your child basic stroke and kicking skills, pool safety and ease when holding one’s face in the water while contemporaneously blowing bubbles and swimming. Over the course of our fun 2-step program, your child will acquire vital water safety skills and get set on the track to becoming a capable swimmer!

Step 1: Calypso Kids

The daughter of Atlas the Titan, Calypso is known as the sea nymph who held Odysseus hostage with her delightful singing, encouraging him to stay with her on the island of Ogygia for several years before Odysseus could resume his return voyage to Ithaca. A figure of seduction in some narratives, Calypso emerges as a rescuer in others, assisting Odysseus build a boat and supplying him with food and good winds to last him the long voyage home. We are intrigued by Calypso’s famed singing voice, sharp intellect and role as a protector of one of the most famous men in ancient Greek mythology. Our pre-school swimming lessons program draws on Calypso’s ability to delight, entertain and protect and we hope your child will let us indulge in the odd song and games as part of his/her learning!

Calypso Kids sets the foundations for effective swimming learning and water acclimation to incorporate the following:

  • Floating
  • Water-familiarization
  • Torpedoes
  • Water safety


Step 2: Atlantis Kids

Atlantis is a mythical island that has inspired artists since Plato’s first reference to it in the 4th century BC. Given to Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea, when each of the 12 Olympian gods was allocated a region to inhabit, it was originally populated by the demigod offspring born to him by the mortal Cleito.

An island that continues to fascinate people of all ages, Atlantis may or may not have been purely mythical, as many theories have come to suggest. And - though we cannot tell you for certain whether Atlantis was destroyed when its subsequent rulers provoked the wrath of the gods or by a volcanic eruption that caused it to sink - we are intrigued by Atlantis and want our child learners to be as water-competent as its early, demigod residents!

Atlantis Kids builds up your child’s early swimming skills, teaching him/her the following:

  • Torpedoes
  • Introduction to freestyle swimming
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Water safety

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