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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

Private Aqua Aerobics Classes in Sydney

There must not be a single person, at least in the western world, who is not familiar with the term aerobics. But what about private Aqua Aerobics classes in Sydney? Why should someone choose this activity? What are the advantages of practicing aerobics within water environment?

What Aqua Aerobics classes we offer for Sydney's residents

The Aqua Aerobics instructors of Nereids Aquatic Coaching travel to your location and offer you private Aqua Aerobics classes in the comfort of your backyard home pool or apartment complex pool across various Sydney suburbs.

Aqua aerobics is not only a very effective form of exercise for all ages, but it is also very entertaining. Instead of the, more or less, routine training that comes with most conventional sport activities, aqua aerobics offers a variety of training techniques that makes the whole process exciting and full of fun.

It is highly recommended for people with arthritis and obesity issues, but it also addresses to everyone who wants to live a much different experience. Aqua zumba and deep water aerobics are the options that are provided, depending on the needs, level and preferences. Moreover, our expert aqua instructors offer special classes for preoperative and postoperative people.

Nereids Aquatic Coaching team and their Aqua instructors would be happy to talk to you and inform you more extensively about this fascinating experience.

Please feel free to contact us to provide you more information about this fascinating experience.

Sydney suburbs that we conduct private Aqua Aerobics classes

The Sydney suburbs that our Aqua Aerobics instructors cover are the following:

  • Sydney Eastern Suburbs including Bondi, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Double Bay and Point Piper
  • City of Sydney including Sydney CBD, Haymarket, Pyrmont, Waterloo
  • Sydney Inner West including Balmain, Leichhardt, Lewisham, Rozelle

Other locations might also be available upon request.

Aqua Aerobics in Sydney as a different aerobics experience

The basic difference of aqua aerobics, in comparison to the traditional aerobics, is the obvious one: Water! Indeed, it is an element with special characteristics that can transform the aerobics experience to new levels and heights. Its density, resistance and buoyancy provide the trainee with much different aspects and possibilities of training than the "conventional" aerobics.

Aqua aerobics is more muscle strengthening, because of the water resistance when moving your body in it, better for your heart, because aquatic exercise pumps more blood to the heart and leads, over time, to reduced blood pressure.

Moreover, aqua aerobics increases flexibility, builds endurance, alleviates pressure on the joints, helps the trainees to lose weight and is a totally anti-stress activity.

Additionally, the fact that water is twelve times more resistant than air, is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. Because of the special attributes of water, the whole experience of aqua aerobics is totally unique and distinctive. So are its advantages! People with poor balance can gain much from practicing in water environment. The same applies for people with joint problems, as the body weight of a human being, is about 60% thinner than on land, thus making the water environment perfect for those cases.

It shall also be added, that aqua aerobics is an excellent choice for pregnant women, as a US research indicates that pregnant women practicing aqua aerobics reported significantly less physical discomfort as well as improved mobility and body image.

The myths about Aqua Aerobics

Since, aqua aerobics is not so popular, yet, there are some myths about it. The most common myth assumes that you have to know how to swim in order to be able to perform aqua aerobics. This is not true, as most exercises are performed with the feet stepping on the basis of the swimming pool.

Another myth is that aqua aerobics is not good for young ages but only for seniors. However, this is not true, as it could be a great recovery process for young people who practice on other sports as well. Also, there is an ignorant view that argues about the relaxed nature of aqua aerobics, claiming that it cannot be a decent form of activity for people who want to practice some "serious" exercise.

This myth can be easily challenged by participating in Nereids Private Aqua Aerobics Classes. There, anyone could find out that aqua aerobics is a serious form of athletic practice, which could have very positive effects for all the participants.

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