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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Senior Adults Swimming Lessons Sydney

Mobile Swimming Lessons for Senior Adults in Sydney

Nereids' team would encourage you to make the most of swimming as a way to enjoy life and your body’s abilities in a way you may not have in years. Nereids swimming instructors are fully certified to provide swimming teaching to senior adult and will adjust their instruction to cater to all client ages and abilities.

Swimming is a fabulous way to exercise no matter your ability or age and, being a no-impact activity, it is well-suited to anyone suffering from joint pin or declining mobility. A gentle form of exercise - and in fact the only exercise that simultaneously engages most, if not all, major muscle groups - it may help reduce loss of muscle mass and help you feel strong.Swimming is also known to preserve bone strength as it causes the muscles to contract and relax around the bones and also removes strain on the joints.

Recommended as a good form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming increases heart function and decreases the accumulation of plaque on blood vessel walls. It can also aid weight loss, which is highly beneficial to the heart and vessels.

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