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 Stroke Correction Classes

Perfect Your Technique with our Stroke Correction Classes

Elevate your swimming to the next level with our stroke correction classes. Whether you want to refine your child’s skills or an adult looking to enhance your efficiency in the water, our specialised 1-1 classes are designed to fine-tune your technique, improve your speed, and increase your swimming confidence.

Dive into the details of stroke perfection, where every detail counts towards making you a more proficient swimmer.

Why Enrol in Stroke Correction Classes?

Stroke correction is vital for anyone serious about improving their swimming efficiency, offering benefits that extend beyond the pool:

Efficiency and Speed: Correct technique reduces drag and conserves energy, allowing for faster, more efficient swimming.
Injury Prevention: Proper form minimizes the risk of swimming-related injuries by ensuring the body moves in a biomechanically safe manner.
Confidence Boost: Mastering stroke techniques increases confidence in the water, making swimming more enjoyable and rewarding.
Competitive Edge: For competitive swimmers, refined strokes can be the difference between personal bests and missed opportunities.

Our Approach to Stroke Correction

At Nereids Aquatic Coaching, we emphasise personalised attention and a detailed understanding of each swimmer's needs:

Individual Assessment: Our experienced coaches begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify areas for improvement.
Tailored Instruction: Based on the assessment, we customise our teaching methods to address specific stroke inefficiencies.
Progressive Learning: Through a combination of drills, feedback, and practice, students gradually refine their strokes for optimal performance.

Who Benefits from Stroke Correction Classes?

Our stroke correction classes cater to:

Squad Training Preparation: Preparing young swimmers for squad training, fine-tuning techniques for competitive readiness and team spirit.
Swim Carnival Preparation: Boost your kids' confidence and skill, ensuring they're primed and ready for carnival victories and personal bests.
Competitive Swimmers: Sharpen your competitive edge by refining your strokes to meet and exceed competition standards.
Fitness Swimmers: Improve your workout efficiency by optimising your stroke technique.
Triathletes: Enhance your swimming segment by mastering efficient stroke techniques.
Swimming Enthusiasts of All Ages: From kids making their first competitive strides to adults enjoying lap swimming, anyone looking to improve their technique will benefit.

Join Our Stroke Correction Classes Today!

Unlock your full swimming potential with Nereids Aquatic Coaching. Our stroke correction classes are more than just lessons; they're your pathway to becoming a more accomplished swimmer, regardless of your age or current level.

Are you ready to swim smarter, not harder? Contact us today to learn more about our stroke correction classes and take the first step towards flawless technique.

Transform your swimming with precision and grace through Nereids Aquatic Coaching’s stroke correction classes. Tailored for both kids and adults, our expert-led sessions are your key to unlocking efficiency, speed, and confidence in the water. Join us and make every stroke count.

Custom Programs
for All Ages and Abilities

For the Little Ones

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School-Age Mastery

Range of ability programs for school-age children, available even during holidays

Adult Swimming

Customised lessons for adults of various ages and abilities including complete beginners, stroke correction and seniors

Special Needs

Inclusive coaching for children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, empowering them through individualised attention

Sami Samour

Two years I have tried to teach my kids to swim from one school to another. I regret the money I have wasted . It took three lessons 90 minutes each for my kids to swim independently . Thank you for the team of Nereids.

Jo Saccasan

I highly recommend Nereids! My daughter who has autism learnt more in her first 45 minute lesson with Conner than 18 months at another swim school that was meant to be for children with additional needs.

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