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Private 1-1 Swimming Lesson Fees

Our flexible fees and packages are designed to align with your swimming goals and needs, ensuring you receive the best value and a personalised learning experience.

Exclusive Benefits for Nereids Clients

Trusted Service

With 8+ years in business, Nereids has become a leading mobile swim school in Sydney. Our highly experienced team ensures every swim teacher has up to date all the required Australian swimming qualifications as well as Working with Children Check and criminal record clearance. Furthermore, our swim instructors are employed (not contractors), meaning you are 100% protected by our swim school insurance.

High Instructor Retention Rate

Our meticulous recruitment process ensures we select the most committed and professional instructors in the industry. This is reflected on having one of the highest instructor retention rates in Australia, with instructors staying on for an average of 2.5 years.

Passionate & Caring Team

We strive to hire the most caring and patient swimming instructors who are not just qualified but also passionate about your continuous progress.

Committed to Your Progress

We are committed to your ongoing development. The combination of our passionate and dedicated instructors blended with our personalised methods ensures your progress in each lesson.

Time-Saving Convenience

We bring the swimming lessons directly to your home pool, apartment complex pool, or even your local ocean rock pool eliminating travel time and making it easier for you to fit swimming lessons into your hectic schedule.

Ultimate Flexibility

Schedule your private swimming lessons on your terms, with the convenience of choosing days and times that fit your busy life — including options to schedule just 24 hours in advance.

Get special bonuses for buying 11+ lessons!

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes


5 lessons(prices per lesson)


11 +1 Free lessons(prices per lesson)


22 +3 Free lessons(prices per lesson)


50 +11 Free lessons(prices per lesson)


5 lessons(prices per lesson)


11 +1 Free lessons(prices per lesson)


22 +3 Free Lessons(prices per lesson)


50 +11 Free Lessons(prices per lesson)

Customise Your Swim Package: Whether you are starting out or looking for stroke correction, we will tailor the perfect package for you. You have the flexibility to choose any duration and number of lessons you wish. Book a call to design your personalised swim journey and learn how you can earn free lessons!

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Either one student or 2+ students in back-to-back lessons

back-to-back lessons: we offer you the flexibility to book your preferred overall time and then split this time into one-on-one and back-to-back lessons for each student. For example, if you have 2 kids and you booked 90 minutes, you can then split this lesson into 60 minutes for one kid, and 30 minutes for the other kid. As a result, we will be able to enhance our students’ unique strengths and they will progress faster.

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Sami Samour

Two years I have tried to teach my kids to swim from one school to another. I regret the money I have wasted . It took three lessons 90 minutes each for my kids to swim independently . Thank you for the team of Nereids.

Jo Saccasan

I highly recommend Nereids! My daughter who has autism learnt more in her first 45 minute lesson with Conner than 18 months at another swim school that was meant to be for children with additional needs.


When were you founded?

We have been teaching private swimming lessons since October 2015 across all Sydney suburbs.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Sydney CBD, and we hire local swim teachers across all Sydney suburbs.

Are your teachers employed by your company or are they contractors?

Our teachers are employed by our company, meaning you are fully protected by our multimillion-dollar Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance.

Do your teachers have qualifications?

Yes, all our teachers hold Australian swimming qualifications, CPR, First Aid, Working with Children Check and need to provide criminal record clearance.

How do I select my teacher?

Each student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Our years of experience allow us to match you, via our initial phone call, with a teacher who is the right fit for you based on skill set, location, and your preferred time slotsl.

What if my teacher is not a good fit?

You can change your teacher anytime you want!

Will I have the same teacher for my whole package?

99% yes! Our rigorous recruitment process is aimed at selecting the most dedicated and professional teachers in the industry. As a result, we have one of Australia's highest instructor retention rates, meaning that instructor changes are almost non-existent.

I don’t have a home pool. Is there any other option?

Yes! You could request access from a friend who has a pool, or you could hire a pool via Swimply.au. We could also conduct your lessons in an ocean rock pool (e.g. Northern Beaches) or netted beach area (e.g. Balmoral Baths). Some of our teachers have access to home pools and apartment pools, so that could be another option.

How does your cancellation policy work?

We offer a very flexible cancellation policy! You can cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before a scheduled lesson, or 6 hours before due to illness.

Do you offer group lessons?

Our 1-1 training method is the reason our students progress as fast as they do. While we do not offer group lessons, you can still enrol multiple students. For example, if you want to enrol two students, you can choose 60 minutes and then split the time between them in 1-1 and back-to-back lessons. With the one-on-one lessons, the students will get individual attention from our teacher and ensure continuous and fast progress.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have a multimillion-dollar Public Liability and Professional Indemnity swim school insurance.

How do you ensure your teachers’ quality?

We have established one of the most meticulous recruitment processes in Australia to ensure we find and develop the absolute best teachers in the industry who are very caring, patient, passionate, and committed. Furthermore, all new teachers, regardless of whether they have prior teaching experience, are extensively trained by our most senior and experienced teachers to ensure consistency in our quality.

What duration do you recommend for 2 or more students?

If you want to maximise your progress, we recommend a minimum of 45 minutes per student, e.g., two students should go for 90 minutes.

Do I have to split the duration equally between the students?

You have the flexibility to split your lessons however you prefer! For example, two students sharing a 90-minute lesson could have anything from a 20:70 to a 45:45 split!

How many lessons per week do you recommend?

Consistency is very important in whatever we do. Having at least one lesson a week is important for progression. Having said that, the more lessons you do, the faster you learn! Some of our most committed students had up to 5 lessons per week!

Which package should I buy?

It completely depends on your personal goals which of course varies from person to person. We can discuss your goals and needs over the introductory call and suggest the right package for you.

How long does it take to learn?

Each client is different and depends also on additional factors such as fear of water, having a disability, etc. Although our team has achieved impressive results since 2015, we generally see the most success stories with the Progress and Advanced packages. However, important key factors for your success are having consistency with at least one lesson per week and practising between your lessons.

How long does my package last?

All packages have a 12-month expiry, except the Elite package of 50 +11 free lessons which expires in 18 months!

Can I have a trial lesson?

While we do not provide trial lessons, our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your peace of mind. We offer you the flexibility to change instructors at any point if your initial one is not aligned with your expectations. Should the replacement not meet your standards either, we offer a refund for any unused lessons within 30 days of your purchase.

How does your flexible scheduling system work?

We adapt to your busy life and offer you the flexibility to schedule your lessons as you go, even 24 hours before each lesson. You can schedule either the same time slot multiple weeks in advance* or choose the more flexible approach, scheduling your lessons on different days and times, depending on your commitments. *Depending on the availability of your assigned instructor.

Meet The Founder Nikos Vasilellis | Nereids Aquatic Coaching

Founder’s Message

Despite a near-drowning experience at the age of four in the Greek sea, my love for the ocean and its activities only grew stronger.

When I founded Nereids Aquatic Coaching, it was with a vision deeply rooted in passion and care. More than just teaching swimming, my goal was to assemble the finest team possible, who will dedicate their heart to helping each client achieve their swimming goals.

Since 2015, we have been committed to bringing on board instructors who embody this ethos. They bring immense enthusiasm to every lesson, deeply care about fostering our clients' water safety, encourage staying physically active, and ensure their lessons are a fun experience. This passionate and caring spirit is the heartbeat of our team and distinguishes us.

Wishing you a pleasant aquatic experience with the Nereids team.

Warm regards,

Nikos Vasilellis

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