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Swimming Lessons in Your Own Pool

Teenagers Swimming Lessons Sydney

Nereids teen swimming lessons are targeted at children between the ages of 12 and 17 and who may or may not have previous swimming experience. The program covers 3 levels of swimming awareness - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - to cater to your child’s existing experience, adjust to his/her level of swimming skills and help expand their abilities as a swimmer.

Continuing aim of Nereids team is to teach your child swimming correctly, whether for fun or survival, we provide your child with a knowledge of how to perform swimming strokes in the correct way and place emphasis on water safety as well as enjoyment.

Level 1: Delphinus Teens (Beginner / children with no previous swimming instruction)

Delphinus is the dolphin of Poseidon the sea god that saves Arion, a famed musician who had flung himself into the sea. We feel that ‘Delphinus’, whose etymology can be taken to mean ‘ambition’, is an appropriate term for our own Delphinus Teens. By building on your teen’s water confidence and ability to perform controlled movement in water, this level nurtures your kid’s ambition to become a swimmer and helps him/her get on the track to achieving swimming confidence! 

Delphinus Teens teaches the following:

  • Water safety
  • Water familiarization
  • Floating
  • Torpedoes


Level 2: Triton Teens (Intermediate) 

The son of the ancient sea god Poseidon and water nymph Amphitrite, Triton is the messenger of the sea. Represented as a merman with the upper body of a man with the tail of a fish, Triton carries a twisted shell, blowing it like a trumpet in order to appease or raise the waves. So loud was the sound of Triton’s shell that it had giants imagine it as coming from a roaring dark beast and had them flee in every direction! 

Triton's image changes with the passage of time and he becomes linked with a class of mermaid-like creatures, the Tritons, which could be male or female, are patently fish-tailed and blue-eyed, but may also encountered as Centaur-like creatures. 

The story of Triton and his clan of merpeople underpins just how powerfully the sea can stir the imagination. It seems to us that Tritons are among the coolest ancient divinities of the sea and love the image of the divine merman Triton as he blows on his shell to control the waves! With Triton as our inspiration, we introduce your teen to new swimming strokes and kicks and help him/her grasp water safety and techniques for correct and effective swimming. Book a lesson now, and have your teen swim like a Triton!

Triton Teens includes:

  • Torpedoes
  • Introduction to freestyle
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke
  • Dolphin kick
  • Water safety


Level 3: Oceanus Teens (Advanced)

A godly figure in the Greek mythology of antiquity, Oceanus was the divine embodiment of the sea and depicted as an immense river encircling the world. Oceanus is often represented as having the upper body of a muscular man with a long beard and horns (which are sometimes imagined as the claws of a crab) and the lower body of a serpent. But there is also a fish-tailed Oceanus, bearing a fish in one hand and a serpent in the other.

In the beginning, Oceanus represented all bodies of salt water, including the Mediterranean Sea, yet, with geography becoming more precise, Oceanus came to symbolize the more mysterious waters of the Atlantic. Oceanus was married to Tethys and together they had numerous children, the Oceanids, lesser divinities of the rivers, the springs, and the sea. So fertile was the pair that their overproduction would cause floods and Oceanus and Tethys separated to stop this happening!

Inspired by the Greek mythology in its depictions of the aqueous world! After all, water is our element!  We want your teen to make the most of his/her swimming skills, remain safe and have confidence while in the water. To augment your child’s technique and enhance swimming confidence, Oceanus Teens is an advanced level that teaches:

  • Stroke correction
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Water safety
  • Tumble turns

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