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The Myth of Nereids Sea Nymphs

Symbolic of the immense beauty of the sea world, the Nereids nymphs (or the ‘neraides’, as they are called in contemporary Greek), are ethereal creatures that were closely linked with the sea of the Aegean, whose depths they may still be imagined to inhabit. Long-haired, crowned with wreaths of the rarest red coral and barefooted under their white silken robes, they acted as the entourage of the mythical sea god Poseidon, whose trident they gracefully carried. Amphitrite (Poseidon’s own wife), Thetis (the mother of Achilles) and Galatea (the lover of Polyphemus the Cyclops) were among them, lending their ethereal splendor to all the mysterious creatures later to be called the ‘neraides’ - fairies, mermaids and wood nymphs which, at least in Greece, may still be envisaged hiding in the rich undergrowth, taking flight amidst the fields of wildflowers, or playfully dipping their tails in the crystalline Mediterranean sea.

To us, the mythical Nereids are a truly appropriate symbol of everything that is graceful and fascinating about the aquatic world and a continuing representation of the sea’s unique ability to stir the imagination and arouse the senses. And, at least for everyone here at Nereids, there is no better way to explore the magic of the sea than by swimming!

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