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Nereids Private Swimming Lessons
Where Passion & Care Blend

Nereids Private Swimming Lessons
Where Passion & Care Blend

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Are you ready to:

  • Overcome your fear of water?
  • Improve your fitness by learning the best cardio sport in the world?
  • Get the best out of the wonderful Australian beaches?

Then our Zero to Hero™ program is here for you!

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What you will achieve with this program:

Swim 25 meters breaststroke
Swim 25m with head above water to target area utilising freestyle stroke (water polo position drill)
Swim 25 meters survival backstroke
Swim 10 meters kicking on your back
Swim 10 meters dolphin kicking
60 seconds tread water with feet off the bottom of the pool
30 seconds tread water with one fist up asking help
Duck dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a weighted object (2kg rubber brick or similar) from the bottom of the pool with wearing goggles
Duck dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve a weighted object (2kg rubber brick or similar) from the bottom of the pool without wearing goggles
Jump into deep water from the edge of the pool, swim for 10 meters and return back at the edge safely
Safe entry and exit from the pool
Water safety knowledge, how to ask for help while being in the water, survival questions, inform you about dangers while swimming in the pool and in the ocean

Details of
the package

  • Duration: 20 x 60 minutes
  • Type: One-on-one private swimming lesson
  • Price: $2,750

Are you ready to 😊

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*Conditions for your success in our Zero to Hero program
- A can-do positive attitude
- Consistency of lessons (attend every week, 3 times per week)
- Reduce stress
- Good night sleep 7 to 9 hours each night
- Proper nutrition habits
- Avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours prior each lesson
- Practice between each lesson whatever you learn from your swim teacher

Chama D (reviewed on Google)

I never thought I would learn to swim as an adult as I had a life long phobia of water and I had a bad experience as a child. When I signed up the team at Nereids were very understanding of my fear. Margie, my coach worked with my fear. She was so patient, kind and compassionate and quite professional at the same time. In three months, we made a lot of progress. I became completely the opposite of what I was. From someone who was too scared to put my head under water to someone who loves swimming and wants to swim everyday.

Tevi Sivagnanam (reviewed on Google)

I had the best experience. Diego, my swim coach was fabulous. He was good at challenging me physically as well as good at helping me overcome my psychological barriers. He was always punctual, polite, friendly, and gave good life advice too :D I totally enjoyed my experience and would recommend this swim school.

5/5 (based on 22 reviews)
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5/5 (based on 29 reviews)
More reviews

How to overcome the fear of water

Overcoming difficulties is a standard characteristic of human behaviour. Exactly because we are all humans, there is a perfect understanding of the constant challenges that lie ahead of us. Overcoming fears is probably one of our most important tasks once they affect our daily lives. The fear of water is such an intriguing task since it is potentially a life-threatening factor.

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How can swimming improve your mental resilience?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going says the famous proverb. Its meaning is intertemporal and applies to all people all around the world. What is less visible at times, is that mental resilience is not a natural “gift” that only some “privileged” individuals have but a trait that all of us can develop. Swimming can be a great tool for getting there.

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Are You Too Old to Learn How to Swim? Think Again! :)

We, humans, quite often tend to put barriers on ourselves and sometimes even think in a non-positive way. Barriers to what we can do, what we can achieve and fulfil. But are those barriers actually true? Or are they just a limitation we set, which is very often due to misinformation and misconception?

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Benefits of Swimming Lessons For Adult Beginners

It seems awkward, but it's true: Many people living in Australia don't know how to swim. This is a true paradox. Such an equivalent would be to live in pre-historic ages and not know how to hunt. Maybe you think that this is an exaggerated assumption, but still, the fact is that many adults drown each year because they don't know how to swim and had never taken any swimming lessons. This is really sad and should be the reason for great concern and precaution. Very often, people tend to underestimate possible dangers and overestimate their abilities and skills.

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How Swimming in Cold Water Can Lead to Longevity

The evolution of humans throughout history is a fascinating though controversial subject. On the one hand, they have achieved majestic accomplishments mainly via technological development. Nowadays people can travel everywhere in the world quickly and safely, have built the infrastructure that can protect them in most weather conditions and have even started travelling outside Earth. On the other hand, their self-destructive nature is always an imminent threat as the bloody wars, during most times of their existence, have proved.

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What can swimming teach you about life?

First things first: Learning to swim is a life-saving skill that all people who live in sea countries should possess. This is an indisputable fact beyond any doubt. Nonetheless, when talking about swimming there are numerous more aspects to take into consideration. Swimming can offer valuable lessons that can be extremely helpful for our progress in life. Let's examine a number of them.

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Five positive effects of swimming on self-esteem

Preserving positive psychology is essential for our performance in life. It would not be an exaggeration to argue that it can be crucial between success and failure. The sense of self-esteem, in particular, is extremely important for the overall perspectives and meaning people give to their lives. Low self-esteem results in less effective interactions. Lack of confidence is usually obvious during human communication and is, rather subconsciously, becoming a judgement criterion.

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