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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

Private Swimming Lessons for CALD Communities in Sydney

Swimming Lessons for CALD (Cultural & Linguistically Diverse) Children and Adults in Sydney 

Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team is fully committed in delivering the most effective private swimming lessons for the Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community of Sydney. We have a strong belief in the equal rights of people which we apply in our everyday life.

It could not be otherwise, since Nikos Vasilellis, the founder of Nereids, is a person from a culturally and linguistically diverse background himself.

Being both sensitive and experienced in this issue, we invite all CALD children and adults in Sydney to share with us the wonderful experience of swimming. A number of Nereids teachers are certified for teaching CALD people and are fully devoted and passionate.

Australia is a Model of Multicultural Society

The most recent census indicates that Australia is a nation which is establishing specific characteristics: Cultural diversity, expansion and fast changes. Indeed, the findings of the census show that throughout the country, there are communities from various backgrounds which come from different countries, speak different languages and have different religious beliefs.

These findings show, beyond any doubt, that Australia is a culturally diverse society. Numbers speak for themselves: More than 3.500.000 of the citizens of the country were born overseas and almost one sixth of the population, approximately 4.000.000, are not native English speakers.

Historically speaking, most citizens of Australia are either immigrants or second-generation immigrants. Even more striking is the fact that non-native Australians come from more than 200 countries.

During the passage of time, Australia has embraced immigration and accepted the rights of each ethnicity group to practice their cultural traditions, free from discrimination, within the legal and institutional framework of the country.

Nereids’ Team Welcomes CALD Students of Sydney to Experience the Joy of Aquatic Activities

Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team acknowledges and respects the wide diversity of the Australian society. All students from any linguistic, cultural or religious background are welcome. You don't have to worry if you don't speak English because we will adapt our lesson plans accordingly. 

In addition, we welcome female students from various religious backgrounds, who want to enrol in our private swimming classes and being taught exclusively from female swim teachers.

Our swimming lessons are structured for all levels and cover every need. Anyone, whether more or less experienced, can enjoy the pleasure of swimming safely. Water safety education is a great priority for Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team and we aim to contribute to the decrease of the drowning percentage in Sydney.

Our Team Might Speak Your Language

Nereids is a highly inclusive swim school and our team has a great diversity of teachers from various cultural backgrounds. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Greek are among the languages that the members of Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team speak.

Please feel free to ask us, as we might speak your language as well!

We strongly believe in equality and the uniqueness of each individual and apply our philosophy in everyday life. Living in a country surrounded by sea is a challenging experience. Let us show you how you can transform it to a pleasant daily activity!


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