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Call 0415 914 443
Call 0415 914 443

How Nereids Mobile Swim School Works?

We Come to Your Place!

This means, our teachers travel to your location in Sydney Metropolitan Area and offer private swimming lessons in your home pool such as your backyard or apartment complex pool.

Below are the 6 steps for starting your private swimming lessons:

1. Choose Your Preferred Package:

We offer you the option to choose whatever duration and number of lessons you want!

Visit our Fees and Offers pages and choose your preferred package based on:
  • the duration for each lesson, for example 30, 45, 60 minutes,
  • if it will be: 
    • One-on-one lessons: either one student or 2+ students in back-to-back lessons*, or
    • Group lessons: students of same level and age being taught at the same time, and
  • the number of lessons you would be interested to book in advance.

*back-to-back lessons: we offer you the flexibility to book your preferred overall time and then split this time into one-on-one and back-to-back lessons for each student. For example, if you have 2 kids and you booked 90 minutes, you can then split this lesson into 60 minutes for one kid, and 30 minutes for the other kid.  As a result, we will be able to enhance our students’ unique strengths and they will progress faster.

This is an expression of interest in order to match you with one of our swim teachers.

On the Enrolment form you can include your: 
  • goals
  • location
  • package
  • preferred days and times

Our swim school travels across all Sydney and provides services 7 days per week from 5am throughout the whole year. Thus, you can include any Sydney suburb as well as any days and time of the week.

It is a very easy and quick process and will give us a clear profile of your “swim” personality and expectations!

3. Get Matched: 

Once we will receive your enrolment form, we will match you with one of our Australian certified swimming teachers within 1-3 days.

The matching process is based on:
  • Location
  • Preferred timetable
  • Student’s age, level and ability
Get matched

4. Payment: 

As soon as we will match you with one of our teachers, then we will email you the invoice together with our teacher’s scheduling link.

Once the payment is processed, you are ready to schedule your private swimming lessons in our system!

5. Schedule Your Lessons:

The scheduling of your private swimming lessons is done through our online system!
Thus, giving you the freedom and flexibility to:
  • either schedule them in advance and lock in specific dates and time (recommended during the high season) or
  • use them as credits* and schedule them as you go with at least 24 hours prior each lesson
* Your credit lessons never expire.

For more information about our scheduling process and cancellation policy please see here.

6. Start: 

As soon as your private swimming lessons are scheduled in our system, then we are ready to begin! 

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