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Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults with Special Needs in Sydney

 Nereids Aquatic Coaching pays special attention to swimming lessons for children and adults with disabilities in Sydney. Not only because we take great pleasure in helping and inspiring them to develop their potential. But also because we too get inspired and boost our motivation while doing so. In Nereids, we have a strong belief that all people can reach their full potential and fulfil their goals regardless of difficulties. Swimming can greatly benefit children and adults with disabilities in both physical and emotional terms.

Nereids Aquatic Coaching consists of certified Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety. Our priority for all our students is to teach them all they need to know to stay safe in an aquatic environment and prevent drowning.


Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults with Autism

According to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), 1 in 70 people in Australia are on the autism spectrum. The relevant prevalence rates are increasing highly, as Aspect's previous figures were 1 in 100 marking an estimated 40% increase or around 353.880 people. Swimming can be an effective therapeutic activity for children and adults with autism helping them to improve several skills such as coordination, speech and cognitive processes. It can also be a great boost to the development of their social skills and self-esteem.

The nature of swimming with the repetitive movements techniques it requires, as well as its function as an individual sport, make it the ideal activity for children and adults with autism. Their raised levels of energy can be released through a practice that comes without the negative connotations that usually come with autistic behaviour. Furthermore, there are long term advantages that swimming brings for children and adults with autism because its effects are positive for health issues like obesity and heart disease.


Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Swimming is one of the most effective and popular exercises for people with cerebral palsy. The aquatic environment is ideal for children and adults in this condition for many reasons. First of all, being in the water feels good. When entering the sea or the swimming pool it feels like moving to another world. Water relaxes both the body and mind, improving the psychological mood of all people who step inside it. Then, the buoyancy factor allows children and adults with cerebral palsy to perform physical activities in the water much more easily compared to land conditions. Consequently, come other benefits as they become more and more confident working out their bodies and improving their coordination, movement and balance. Water allows a great sense of freedom and gradually develops and strengthens the fundamental feelings of self-confidence and self-esteem. Their endurance, circulation and physical mobility are becoming better and they can transform this new level of experience in their daily lives. We all know that psychological confidence is essential for the well-being of all people and this is no different for all children and adults with cerebral palsy. Swimming can be a great method and activity for achieving that goal.


Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults with Down Syndrome

Our team of certified swim instructors is well aware of the special abilities of children and adults with Down syndrome and adust their teaching techniques accordingly. We know that they are capable learners and have high expectations from them while making sure that they learn the essential swimming techniques slowly and stably. We provide them with tall the help they need to remember the instructions and keep our language simple and short. We show vividly the core principles of swimming and make sure that we repeat the teaching until all new knowledge is absorbed.

Swimming can greatly help children and adults with Down syndrome. The benefits are both physical and emotional and extend to many areas: People with Down syndrome who take swimming classes improve their motor skills and develop their flexibility, motion and coordination while discovering the “magic” sense of floating in the water. At the same time, they enhance their mental health and capabilities and upgrade their quality of life. Swimming helps adults and children with Down syndrome to improve their mood and cognitive abilities, reduce stress and the possibilities of future depression and increase their self-esteem.


Private Swimming Lessons for Other disabilities

Around 1 in 5 (18%) Australians—or about 4.3 million—have some kind of disability. In Nereids, we strongly believe that all people should master the basic swimming techniques for diminishing the probabilities of drowning and enjoying the unique feelings of moving their bodies inside the water. This is why we provide swimming lessons to adults and children with:


  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders
  • Learning, medical and physical disabilities


All people should be safe from drowning and develop their full potential in life. Swimming is an activity with much further positive outcomes than just learning some survival techniques. It is spiritual in its essence and can benefit in multiple ways people with disabilities, empowering their self-respect and boosting their confidence. At the same time, the fun factor is always there. This is also very important as people tend to neglect the significance of having fun. Combining the acquisition of knowledge with having a good time is always the best learning method. In Nereids, we share those principles with our staff and students and always target for the best possible outcome.

Contact us and find out more about how swimming coaching can help you and your family!

Custom Programs
for All Ages and Abilities

For the Little Ones

Playful lessons for preschool children (3-5 years) to enhance water safety skills and become comfortable in water

School-Age Mastery

Range of ability programs for school-age children, available even during holidays

Adult Swimming

Customised lessons for adults of various ages and abilities including complete beginners, stroke correction and seniors

Special Needs

Inclusive coaching for children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, empowering them through individualised attention

Sami Samour

Two years I have tried to teach my kids to swim from one school to another. I regret the money I have wasted . It took three lessons 90 minutes each for my kids to swim independently . Thank you for the team of Nereids.

Jo Saccasan

I highly recommend Nereids! My daughter who has autism learnt more in her first 45 minute lesson with Conner than 18 months at another swim school that was meant to be for children with additional needs.

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