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Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

We believe that everyone, no matter of their swimming experience, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, cultural background or nationality, should enjoy safely the beauties and activities of the aquatic environment.

Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to contribute to decreasing the percentage of drownings while motivating our students to remain physically active. 

In addition, we guide our students to accomplish their goals, assist them to fight their fears of water, enhance their confidence and improve their stamina, while tutoring them how to remain safe in and around the water. 

We arouse the curiosity of our students to explore and experience the secret beauties of the aquatic environment and all its activities.

Through our lessons plans we focus on our students’ individual skills while guiding them to enhance their strengths.

We aim to achieve all of the above by combining technology with the aquatic industry and by employing an extraordinary team. 

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