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Advantages of Swimming Compared to Other Sports

Advantages of Swimming Compared to Other Sports
Advantages of Swimming Compared to Other Sports
Our life is much defined by the choices we make. Likewise, the choice of sports for practicing is highly important. Actually, it is more important than we come to realise, as it could be a determining factor for the well-being of body, mind and soul. 
So, ask yourselves: Which sport would you choose to practice and why? Even if you are already practicing a sport, think for a minute: What were the criteria for choosing this sport? In most cases, the answers to the above questions are not as easy as they look.
If we exclude the rare cases of people acquiring, both, a very special talent and a passion for the sports they practice, almost all other choices are made based on social or emotional factors. For example, if a team sport is very popular in the country where we live, chances are that this would be our chosen sport, too.  Or if our peers have chosen a specific sport, it would be highly probable that we would “follow” them.
However, stepping out of our comfort zone and trying to think independently would be essential for evaluating our options and making the right choices.

Swimming Has a Minimal Risk of Injuries

Safety comes first. When we speak about recreational sports, the last thing we would want to happen is a serious injury. Swimming is a sport with a minimal risk of injuring. Water functions as a protective layer that drastically diminishes the injury possibilities. Within water, you feel like becoming lighter, as the sense of the weight of your body changes, making you feel lighter. This way, the joints of the body are not overstressed and injuries are incredibly rare to occur.

Swimming Builds Muscles All Over The Body

Additionally, swimming helps in the shaping of the whole body and not just some parts of it. In football, for example, special attention is paid on the strengthening of the legs for kicking the ball, while in basketball it is more important to build the upper parts of the body for being able to be strong during the multiple body checks that happen during a basketball game.  Swimming, instead, trains the whole body without forcing it to dangerous limits. As we said, water functions as the perfect body “protector” and, at the same time, a great muscle enhancer.

Swimming Helps Greatly in The Relief of The Back Pains

Back pains are among the most usual and most dangerous types of pain, mainly in middle aged people. People tend to underestimate the risks of causing back pain problems, when they practice. This is mostly the case when speaking about gym practicing, where it is very common to perform heavy stretches of your body without thinking about possible implications.  On the other hand, the light water resistance when swimming, as well as the light impact on the spine, not only prevents back pains but can also help to ease and manage them.

Swimming Promotes Independence

Another advantage of swimming, when compared to other sports, is that you don't have to rely on other participants for performing training tasks. You don't need to wait for other people to show up in the practice and you don't have to worry about how much effort they will put in. The development rate of your athleticism and skills is dependent on you and only you. Motivated people who like to progress steadily, will find this advantage extremely useful.

Flexibility and Variety

A well-known proverb says that variety is the spice of life. The same applies in sports. Swimming is among the sports with the greater range of variation in the practice process. Different techniques and styles together with adjusting your body on different angles, make swimming practice an exciting activity. Moreover, swimming greatly enhances your flexibility, thus making your joints more flexible and improving the condition of your body.

Ideal Sports for Escaping Routine

All sports imply high attention levels when practicing. Swimming is no exception, as you always need to be highly concentrated. There is a major difference, however: You don't need to be careful of outside obstacles, like is the case for runners or cyclers who always have to look out for passing cars. The swimming pool is like a temple on its own, where nothing can disturb you from letting all your worries go.

Swimming Can Help at Other Sports

It is not unlikely to see professionals of any kind of sports to include swimming in their training routine. This is not accidental, as it can boost performance in other sports as well because of the nature of the practice. Depending on the circumstances, a swimming practice can be highly beneficial for the recovery from injuries, for aerobic endurance that could improve cardio fitness and help to lose weight, for recovery, or for just adding variety in the training process.
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