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Pool safety: Equipment you should consider installing

09/12/2020 | Written by in Swimming Pool Tips
Pool safety: Equipment you should consider installing

The arrival of blooming spring means the time has come to get your in-ground swimming pool ready for the warm sunny days. Nothing beats the fun of spending a hot summer evening soaked in fresh and cool pool water. It’s the best refreshment for anyone! But before you start, you should consider a series of measures and equipment to maintain the security in and around your pool, preventing accidents.

According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury death in children aged 1–3 years in Australia.

Strictly speaking, pool safety is very important if you own or are planning to buy a swimming pool. You and your family, especially the little ones, are not safe until or unless you have proper pool safety and surveillance.

A much-needed list of safety measures for children and adults:

You and your children can have endless fun in the pool this coming summer by keeping these safety measures in mind:

  • Never let children swim alone in your swimming pool.
  • Children should always swim under the supervision of adults and wear safety gear.
  • Always take into account the depth of the swimming pool.
  • No running in the pool area.
  • Always have an emergency first aid kit nearby.
  • Consider installing security equipment around the pool.

There has been much research done on the safety of swimming pools. Today, there are many types of equipment available in the market that aim to keep children and adults around your pool safe. From self-closing fences to self-locking gates, multitudes of products have been introduced to enhance the level of pool safety.

The pool safety equipment you may consider installing

Whether you are protecting your children, older family members, or your pets, keeping your pool up-to-date with the latest safety equipment is of the utmost importance.

1. Pool fences

Pool fences ensure the safety of your pool. Good pool fences are gate-locked and childproof. They come with self-closing and self-latching gates, keeping children well away from the pool. Many pool fences are designed for ease of use and act as permanent structures.

2. Safety pool covers

Pool covers are crucial when it comes to pool safety. A good-quality pool cover can support the weight of an average adult and is so heavy that children can’t move it. Pool safety covers are available in two types – mesh and solid. You can choose the type of cover as per your priority and suitability. You can consider having swimming pool nets to prevent children and pets from falling into your swimming pool. Such pool covers or nets are easy to use and are relatively a low-cost solution with a proven track record of pool safety.

In addition to pool safety, pool covers insulate your water to keep it warm and free from debris, enhancing its maintenance. Please note that winter or solar pool cover is not a pool safety cover. So, consider a pool cover that can be locked in place whenever the pool is not in use, acting as the first line of defence against accidents.

Alarm systems

Swimming pool alarm systems play an integral role when it comes to swimming pool safety. Consider installing an alarm system around your pool for extra safety and peace of mind. An alarm system can alert you when the gates of the pool are opened. With different safety measures in place, it will become nearly impossible for intruders to access the pool area without your knowledge.

Different types of swimming pool alarm systems will be classified based on the area of installation. Whether you want a gate, door, window, perimeter, floating, or ground alarm, you have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, there are some amazing underwater swimming pool alarm systems that use motion sensors to alert you when anyone jumps or falls into the pool.

Pool water treatment equipment

Not only falls or mishaps are the cause of accidents or injuries, but pool water treatment is also another imperative safety aspect where pool water needs to be chemically balanced. Unhygienic swimming pool water can lead to allergies and skin problems. Therefore, it becomes necessary to test the water and use adequate chemical equipment to balance it. There is a multitude of products used by pool owners to maintain the swimming pool water. Among these, salt chlorinators are a common pool water treatment product.

Rescue and first aid kit

Last but not the least; make sure you have all the essential rescue equipment and a first aid kit nearby the pool. In addition to having the right swimming pool rescue equipment and accessories, you also need to have proper swimming pool rescue training. Equipment and accessories include lifesaver rings, inflatable vests, a Shepherd’s Crook, life hooks, spine boards, rescue tubes, and a first aid kit. Remember to keep them accessible to quickly pull someone from the water safely. With such kits handy, you can avoid accidents around the pool as they can be used in case of emergencies or injuries. But do remember to check them periodically to make sure they are in good condition.

In addition:

You can opt for swimming pool handrails and stair rails to provide extra protection against slippery stairs and steps. Consider having a pool safety drain cover to protect the powerful suction of the pool drain that could trap a person or entangle hair. Using signs that say “No Jumping”, “Shallow Water” and “Slippery When Wet” are also a great idea. Additionally, pool depth markers can be applied to the pool. And above everything, teach yourself and your children how to swim. You can opt for private swimming lessons to get better at swimming and stay safe in the pool.

A final thought: Make pool safety your priority

Nothing beats the vibe you get when you are swimming in your in-ground swimming pool on a sizzling summer day with loved ones around you. It is just perfect! But your private oasis in your backyard can be a big safety hazard if it’s not protected. With the right swimming pool safety measures and equipment, you can reduce the dangers. Consult a knowledgeable swimming pools installer for more help.

In a nutshell, pool safety is not optional; it is the utmost priority.


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