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Call 0415 914 443

Private Swim Training for Adult Competitions in Sydney

Private Swim Training for Adult Competitions in Sydney

Specialised Swim Training for Competitions, Triathlons, Local Distance and Fitness for Adult Swimmers in Sydney

Swimming lessons for competitive swimmers in Sydney is a distinct category that requires special attention and preparation. Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team provides tailored lessons for people who wish to prepare at a professional level for participating in triathlon, long distance ocean swimming or other swimming competitions.

This is a professional class which is both demanding and rewarding. The overall objectives of this specialised training program include building muscle and improving stamina, increasing speed and flexibility, building confidence, adding strength, and identifying strengths and weaknesses. 

Triathlon Private Swim Training for Adult in Sydney

Our team of swimming instructors are aware of the different types of triathlon swimmers. There are different needs and wishes that need to be met for the long-time pool swimmers and different ones for the recreational triathletes, thus needing a different training approach.

Triathlon requires efficiency and energy saving techniques for being able to perform adequately to the other two sports (cycling and running).

There are certain steps of training for preparing for this extremely demanding sport. Firstly, we need to perfect our students' technique and then focus on increasing their speed. Experienced triathletes know that the notion that swimming is the "easiest" of the three sports, is a myth.

Competitive swimming for adults is a very demanding sport activity and needs perfect planning and training to achieve the desired results.  Using the resistance of water to your advantage and spending less energy when swimming, are parts of our teaching structure for triathlon swimmers in Sydney.

Competitive Private Swim Training for Adult in Sydney

In competitive swimming there are certain demands that need to be fulfilled. Practicing different strokes and techniques is an essential part of daily training, in order to boost your speed. There are swimming workouts which can be applied to all swimming styles and types.

Either if you are a sprinter or a distance swimmer, if you prefer practicing freestyle and backstroke or the more demanding breaststroke and butterfly, there is a training pattern that can be suited to meet the needs of all. Individuality, continuity, specificity, periodisation, variations and control, are essential principles of quality training for competitive.

Of course, every swimmer has his/her own specific abilities and needs, which are highly considered. In any case, Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team follows a stable, personalised approach as we highly value the uniqueness of each individual.

Long Distance Private Swim Training for Adults in Sydney

Nereids Aquatic Coaching Team provides private swimming lessons for long distance adult swimmers in Sydney.  This is a swimming style that is becoming more popular all over the world. It is much more demanding than the "traditional" ones, as the distances covered are quite longer.

Long distance swimming is excellent for enhancing endurance and fitness and is demanding high levels of energy. It is usually performed in open oceans, although in some cases it is practiced in swimming pools.

It is worth noting that the so-called marathon swimming, which is ultra-long distance swimming, has become an Olympic games sport. In Sydney, there is a number of beautiful places that offer long distance swimming challenges: English Channel, Rottnest Channel, South Head Roughwater are some of them.

These long-distance ocean swims, varying from 5km to 20km. Each one of them challenges the swimmers in completely unique way, as swimming in ocean has nothing to do with swimming in swimming pools. Long distance adult swimming program is aimed at more advanced swimmers who love challenges and new experiences. 

Fitness Private Swim Training for Adults in Sydney

Fitness swimming is another type of swimming that needs much expertise. Building a fit body and boosting stamina are standard objectives and interrelated with one another but should be achieved with a certain method.

Training planning plays a crucial role. You neither want to build up too many muscles nor to lose weight extremely quickly.  The background of each of our student is of great importance and always assessed before proceeding to the most effective training program.

Breathing correctly, making right use of the legs, developing patience and, most of all, perfecting your technique are some of the skills you will have acquired upon completion of the training program. Working intensively and reaching your limits are wonderful experiences and we would be happy to share them with you!

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